How Rachel's Job Makes 'The Bachelorette' So Much Better

Paul Hebert/ABC

The drama came early on The Bachelorette — DeMario's alleged ex-girlfriend/still girlfriend showed up on Episode 2 to out her allegedly cheating, lying ex (he denied still dating her while going on the show), and Rachel told DeMario to get the f*ck out. DeMario came back to the Bachelor mansion for a mea culpa, but Rachel wasn't having it. Rachel dumped DeMario again on The Bachelorette, because her lawyer sense knows a bad liar and a bad argument.

DeMario may have practiced this argument of his on his Uber driver (that's what he told Rachel, at least), but Rachel wasn't having it. DeMario admitted that he made a mistake and should have been honest from the get-go with both women. Well, duh, dude. But Rachel makes arguments literally for a living — she's a lawyer back at home — and she sees through faulty reasoning when it's being thrown in her face. Instead of listening and taking DeMario back, Rachel was all, I want a strong man, not a lying boy, so can you get back in that Uber and never come up here ever again? OK, thanks, bye. I mean, that's not exactly what she said, but she might as well have. God, I love this woman.

This just goes to show you — Rachel is not going to be one to suffer fools. She is here not because she wants to launch her line of men's grooming products (not like the last guy on The Bachelor), but she is here because she wants love. Is this naive? Yeah, but being cynical never got me anywhere. To quote the Spice Girls, Rachel wants a man, not a boy who thinks he can.

So her lawyering mind dismissed DeMario, no trial needed. Boy, bye!