Rachel Platten Announced Her Pregnancy With An Honest Message All About Vulnerability

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Congratulations are in order for "Fight Song" singer Rachel Platten and her husband, Kevin Lazan. Rachel Platten is pregnant with their first child, and her pregnancy announcement is super honest. In her Instagram caption, she shared that she was nervous about "doing it the exact, perfect way," referring to the pregnancy reveal. Platten wrote,

"I finally realized that I can't worry about making being ME comfortable for everybody else, I have to share this journey MY WAY: with honesty, vulnerability, love and an open heart."

It sounds like talking about the journey her way includes being open about her pregnancy symptoms, too. Platten's Instagram caption includes details about some of the "awful symptoms" she experienced, including sickness and nausea. She continued,

"I was so afraid that if I shared that part (the difficulty of flying and performing while puking in green rooms and airplanes) that I'd seem ungrateful somehow when I'm actually crazy full of gratitude — I'm just HUMAN. Human emotions are complex. We can feel more than one thing at once you know? We can hold both love and wonder and aw and joy, but also frustration and sickness and fear and darker stuff too and it's normal!"

Platten's honest caption highlights some of the pressures that moms face, even though they shouldn't. Whether it's keeping quiet about symptoms like nausea or planning the perfect "pregnancy reveal" photos, there's a lot of pressure on parents-to-be.

People shouldn't feel overwhelmed by things like creating the perfect "reveal" — it should be a time of excitement and sharing with loved ones, not a source of stress. But too often, there's a pervasive idea that people, especially celebrities, should be perfect on social media, presenting a curated version of their lives. That includes only sharing the more heartwarming aspects of pregnancy and parenthood, and crafting elaborate photoshoots for pregnancy reveals or engagements. Platten's post is a reminder that what really matters for new parents is how they and their partners feel, not the illusion of perfection. Not everything will be beautiful or perfect, and that's more than OK.

Fans were thrilled at Platten's honest announcement, thanking her for being so vulnerable while sharing messages of congratulations.

Fellow singer-songwriter Christina Perri also congratulated Platten on the news, calling her photo "everything." Hilary Duff, who's expecting her second child, also commented on the Instagram post, writing, "yay yay yay!!!" along with a rainbow emoji. Dove Cameron and Elizabeth Banks commented too, with Banks calling it "the best post ever."

Platten and Lazan have been married since 2010. It sounds like they're both ready to weather the ups and the downs that come with parenthood, because they'll soon have a little one to call their own. Despite all of the sickness, it's clear Platten is super excited for her baby's arrival. In her Instagram Story, Platten sang a song that seemed to be directed at her baby, singing, "I don't know your name, but I can't wait to say it / And I don't know your face, but I bet it will blow me away." She's definitely thrilled about the prospect of becoming a mom.

And if Platten's pregnancy announcement is any indication, the singer-songwriter will be super honest about her experience during her pregnancy, as well as into parenthood. Based on fans' responses to her tweet, that openness will be very welcome.