Rachel’s “Whaboom” Impression Proves This 'Bachelorette' Star Can Make Anything Charming — VIDEO

Michael Yada/ABC

Rachel Lindsay has achieved the seemingly impossible: She made the “Whaboom” schtick charming. In honor of Monday’s Whaboom-tastic season premiere, E! News’ Zuri Hall asked The Bachelorette star to give Lucas Yancey’s catchphrase a try. Initially, she resisted, but after Hall did an impression of Yancey’s move (side note: Hall’s impression is pretty great, too), Lindsay acq-whaboom-iesced. (Sorry, I guess the Whaboom is contagious?) Starting around the 0:43 mark of the E! News interview, you can see Lindsay's version of the Whaboom.

I learned three important lessons while watching Monday evening’s premiere. The first: If someone brings a ghoulish doll into the Bachelor Mansion, it will get its own talking head. The second: Nothing could’ve prepped me for Whaboom. And the third: I should thank my lucky stars that the ghoulish doll didn’t come to life and do a Whaboom. That would’ve been my breaking point.

Here is the recipe for a proper Whaboom, as demonstrated by Yancey no less than five times: Shake your head back and forth with all of your might, yell at a volume that anyone within a mile radius can hear, clench your fists, and draw out the word “Whaboom” for as long as your breath will allow. Bonus Whaboom points if you're wearing a “Whaboom” tank top while Whabooming.

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As far as a Whaboom is concerned, there is no such thing as too loud, too sweaty, or too intense. The Whaboom is like shotgunning a can of Monster Energy before cannonballing off the high-dive into a pool full of even more Monster Energy. The Whaboom is a lot. The Whaboom is not for everybody.

But do you know what probably is for everybody? Lindsay's first Whaboom attempt.

Oh, you thought Lindsay couldn't possibly be more delightful? Watch her take a Whaboom and spin it into gold.