The House Turns On Its Power Couple In This ‘BB19’ Eviction

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Another week of Big Brother 19 down, and one more houseguest bites the dust. With an eviction that is sure to shake things up a bit in the house, Ramses is evicted on Big Brother 19. Methinks that Cody and Jessica, BB19 power couple, will not be too happy about this, as it screws up their master plan.

When the eviction was announced, the house was pretty evenly split — about half of the houseguests were shocked, and the other half knew exactly what was coming. Josh stood up to accept his fate (or the fate he assumed), and self-described BB19 super fan Ramses didn't even look surprised. In the exit interview, host Julie Chen asked Ramses why he didn't campaign harder to stay, and his answer surprised me. "I feel like I did. I was working really hard," he said. "I was making sure to get those votes, but I feel like other people had links they already had together." Did anyone else see that? I didn't think he held on that close. "My base was just be friends with everybody and stay close with one person," he continued. "There was a point where both sides of the house, I felt like none of them were really on my side."

Bill Inoshita/CBS

That's obvious now that Ramses is out of the house. So what happens now? Jessica and Cody have had it out for Josh since... basically the beginning of BB19. Josh called Cody a meatball, and Cody and Jessica attacked Josh's manhood, and all of it was just not cool. Josh got really upset, and I guess that Jessica and Cody thought it would be easy to get rid of their problem. Well, sorry to say, guys, but I think you need a new strategy. Josh is here to stay (for now).