Raven Has A Podcast Idea For Adam That 'Bachelor' Nation Would Absolutely Love

Cooper Neill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even though the premise of the Bachelor shows is about finding love, very few people actually do. Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 alums Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk are an exception. Adam may seem like the boyfriend that any fan would want IRL, but he's obviously taken. However, Raven wants her BiP boyfriend Adam to start a podcast giving advice to guys who "suck" (which are Raven's words, BTW). If this does actually happen, Adam will be doling out advice and tough love in the romance department.

Raven shared this idea in an April 1 Instagram caption. Thankfully, it does not seem like it was an April Fool's Day post. Raven revealed to her followers,

"I told Adam during our date that he has to start a podcast giving girls advice. Girls like me, who 2 years ago before I met him, thought all guys sucked or maybe he should do a podcast for guys to not suck as bad. WHO IS WITH ME... I’m also dead serious."

Honestly, both premises sound like solid ideas for a podcast. Women need to know that there are actually great guys out there, no matter who they've dated in the past or present. Furthermore, there are plenty of people who could use some advice on how to step it up and be quality partners.

Raven explained why Adam is a pro at giving relationship advice during the Jan. 23 episode of the Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe podcast. She said,

"One thing that I really liked about Adam in the very beginning, like on Paradise, is how he treated my friends. He was so sweet to them if they were going through something, like Kristina [Schulman] with the whole Dean [Unglert] situation. He pulled Kristina aside and talked to her and would really be invested."

Maybe they should bring Adam on as a consultant for BIP contestants next season? Dating can be very difficult without some guidance.

During that same podcast interview, Raven admitted she wondered how "he was so great with women even though he had two brothers" and zero sisters. When she found out the answer, it was actually the sweetest thing ever. Raven said, "He said that at a very young age he was interested in women and he would read magazine articles to see what made women happy and how he could relate to their emotions. And I'm like 'OK, I don't even know how I found you.'" He literally studied how to relate to women. Raven added, "I also think he's just tender-hearted."

In that same podcast, Raven admitted that Adam helped her become comfortable expressing her emotions. The Arkansas native said, "I think at the beginning of our relationship it was harder for me to communicate because I don't really talk about feelings." She recalled,

"He finally said, 'Raven, you have to tell me how you feel about me because I cannot continue in a relationship where you don't speak how you feel.' That just kind of resonated with me and gave me permission to be honest."

Raven described Adam as someone "who is so solid, secure, loving, kind, and stable" during the Let's Talk About It podcast with fellow Bachelor alum Taylor Nolan in an April 2018 episode. She also shared, "After he just poured his heart out, I realized that it's safe to let my guard down with him." Being vulnerable is easier said than done and sometimes it takes help from someone special in your life to make that happen.

She later went on to explain, "Adam is a words of affirmation type of guy. He would say the sweetest things and I would be stone cold in the face. On the inside, I would really appreciate it, but I wouldn't let me guard down to really show that."

In an Instagram post from August 2018, Raven declared, "Everyone deserves an Adam," and she's not wrong. He sounds supportive, patient, and so much more. Unfortunately, everyone doesn't have the chance to know Adam on a personal level, but having a podcast where he can listen to problems and share advice would be the perfect way to bring Adam to people's lives.

Raven has been very open about the guidance she's received from Adam, but let's hope he takes her advice and starts up this podcast.