Kanye West Didn't Release 'Yandhi,' And Twitter's Reaction Is Priceless

Will Heath/NBC

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But fool me thrice? Well, you're probably a Kanye West fan. After promising a release date for his latest album on social media, West did not release Yandhi on Sept. 29. As of the morning after his performance on the premiere of Saturday Night Live, West had still not dropped his ninth solo album. Fans on Twitter were going through the various stages of grief after realizing that the notoriously controversial rapper had played them. But while many people were upset, the funniest reactions to West not dropping his new album show that people have a sense of humor about it. After all, if you're a fan, you gotta roll with the painfully expected unexpected actions of West.

West announced through social media on Sept. 17 that his new album, Yandhi, would drop on Sept. 29. This information coincided with the news that he'd be the first musical guest of Saturday Night Live Season 44 alongside host Adam Driver. (Lorne Michaels revealed that West served as a replacement after Ariana Grande dropped out.) West specified in a later tweet that his album would be out "Saturday night," so fans were anxiously waiting for it to come out sometime before his SNL performances aired. However, no Yandhi was to be heard — even after he announced that he'd be going by the name "Ye" now, performed as a bottle of water, and gave an unaired pro-Donald Trump speech on SNL.

While fans were reeling on social media, West highlighted how little he's concerned about his missed release date by tweeting a meme of himself and wife Kim Kardashian the morning of Sept. 30. Yet, this is also far from the first time that West has misled the world. (Remember when he claimed The Life Of Pablo would be a Tidal exclusive?) So, as Twitter reactions show, many fans have chosen to roll with the punches and make the most of #Yandhigate (not to be confused with the actual Gandhi Gate.)

It's A Sad, Empty World

Will Smith's reaction during the series finale of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air accurately captured the void people have inside from the lack of Yandhi.

He's Still Working On The Album

Sure, West was actually busy at 30 Rock's Studio 8H on Saturday night, but this meme predicated the future.

Time To Turn To The Occult

If West won't release Yandhi, fans will conjure the album via supernatural means.

The Songs Are Great

Have you listened to the new album? Oh, wait.

Maybe It Will Come Out After 'SNL'??

People remained hopeful until the 1 a.m. end time of SNL.

Still Searching

Your quest is bound to be unsuccessful.

There Was Rage

Not everyone was cool, calm, and collected about West's betrayal.

You've Been Hoodwinked & Bamboozled

And your anger is legitimate since West has tricked us all.

'Yandhi' Was Not Delivered

Fans have used Kanye's own marketing against him.

Wikipedia Has Got It Right

Multiple tweets indicate that fans had fun editing the Wikipedia page for Yandhi.

The Morning After

Since West didn't bother to drop Yandhi on Sunday morning either, fans might as well go back to sleep.

But It's Gonna Be Good

Despite this major setback, fans are still optimistic that they will love Yandhi whenever it comes out.

It's A Mystery

In the words of West himself, I guess the world will never know whether the rapper truly planned to drop Yandhi on Sept. 29. But even without a new album, West put on a show on Saturday night that will keep the world talking about him for a long time.