Rebuttals From Nick Viall Fans To Nick Haters

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Rick Rowell

Even though Season 21 of The Bachelor is already a few weeks in, some fans of the series are still shocked that Nick Viall was chosen to be the star this time around. To put it mildly, the two-time Bachelorette runner-up and one-time Bachelor in Paradise contestant is a polarizing figure in the Bachelor franchise, but he was chosen for a reason. For every reason why he "shouldn't be the Bachelor," there are appropriate rebuttals from Nick Viall fans to haters. For the Nick super fans, pretty much every critique can be turned into a good reason why he really was the best choice to suit up and hand out roses this season.

Sure, it's been an interesting journey for the fans of Nick. Some were in the minority since the beginning, and some jumped on the bandwagon as his "journey" progressed, particularly when he was shown on Bachelor in Paradise, but either way, there has been a lot of opposition to face if you like Nick.

Luckily, I have come up with some rebuttals to help fans put the anti-Nick sentiments to rest. The next time someone brings up one of these common criticisms, here's how any fan can defend the new Bachelor.

1. "He's Been On So Many Shows"

The Rebuttal: The phrase "fourth time's the charm" has already been uttered countless times during Nick' season. It was cute the first time I heard it, but as a Nick supporter, I quick got tired of it — but I'm definitely not tired of seeing Nick. The fact that he has been on so many shows actually allows viewers to be more invested in his love story. It feels like there's more at stake than a final rose at the end and that makes this season even more rewarding to watch.

2. "He Is Not Universally Liked"

The Rebuttal: Not everyone can be Ben Higgins. We all know that Nick is not the most-liked contestant to ever be part of the Bachelor franchise. Speaking for myself, I was always into him and liked him more as the seasons went on, and I'm seriously regretting not trying out for his season. But as for people who are upset that he's not the most liked Bachelor guy ever, I feel like they're just not being open-minded. Open-minded viewers will also like Nick more and more as time goes on. Plus, there's nothing that says you have to absolutely love the lead of the show — it's still fun to watch.

3. "He Disrupted Kaitlyn's Season"

The Rebuttal: Let's be real, Nick joining Kaitlyn Bristowe's season a month into filming really took the drama to another level. It shook up the whole house and the chemistry between Nick and Kaitlyn was undeniable. And, sure, it was out of order from the "typical" Bachelor storyline when he and Kaitlyn hooked up before Fantasy Suites, but it really brought a much-needed element of "reality" to reality TV. Instead of being confined to date cards and themed outings, he and Kaitlyn chose to deepen their relationship. I get that it ruffled a lot of feathers, but it was a very real scenario. There's no need to punish Nick for joining The Bachelorette late. What's done is done and now we know that pretty much anything can happen when Nick takes on the main role.

4. "He's Older Than The Usual Stars"

The Rebuttal: Nick being older than some of the past Bachelors is not a bad thing. In fact, a Bachelor star being older might actually make them more likely to be at a place in their life where they're ready to take the process seriously and know exactly what they're looking for.

5. "He's Going To Get Dumped Again"

The Rebuttal: Getting dumped is a risk that we all take when we enter romantic relationships. It's simple: A relationship either works out or doesn't, but there's no chance at a happy ending if no one tries. So, yes, Nick might get dumped again, but if he stopped looking for love, he would never end up in a relationship at all. Sure, this doesn't necessarily need to happen on reality TV, but we've watched so much already, so why not see him through until the (hopeful) end.

6. "He Wants Reality TV Fame"

The Rebuttal: Even the contestants who are on the show "for the right reasons" have benefited from the exposure and the loyal fan base that comes with being a part of the Bachelor franchise. Just because you make some money putting up a sponsored link on your Instagram or get attention from a magazine interview, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are not sincere about finding love. Plus, if you look at Nick's Instagram page, it's hard to find any ads. I creeped really far back and I failed to find teeth whitening products, flat tummy tea, or hair gummies. So maybe Nick really is just all about the love?

For every argument against this guy, there is a response that justifies why you should give Nick a chance as the Bachelor. And let's be honest, are the true fans of the franchise really going to stop watching the show just because their favorite person isn't the star? Absolutely not. You might as well get on board so you can enjoy this season — Nick just might surprise you.