Remy Ma Releases Another Nicki Minaj Diss Track & She's Reminding Us What Rap Is Really About

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Time has been ticking, but fans' requests for a Nicki Minaj response to Remy Ma's diss track "ShETHER" have gone unanswered. I guess she got tired of waiting, because Remy Ma released a second Minaj diss track on Friday, entitled "Another One." Both tracks have garnered mix reviews all over social media, but one thing's for sure: Remy Ma definitely gets an 'A' for effort. She breathed new life into an art form that hasn't existed in the female-rap world for a very long time. And whether you're feeling her lyrics or not, Remy Ma is giving rap fans something to talk about.

Pointing your finger on exactly what, or who, started the beef has been tricky. Some say that it all started when Minaj took shots at Remy Ma in a couple of her features, while others say that it stems from Remy Ma wanting to knock Minaj off the top spot. According to Remy Ma, "ShETHER" was an alleged direct response to Nicki Minaj's bullying — for lack of a better word — over the years, and the rapper dished all about the details about her side of the story while paying a visit to The Wendy Williams' Show Friday.

The rapper initially paid a visit to Wendy to promote her new joint album with her Terror Squad brethren Fat Joe — brilliantly named Plata O Plomo — but you know Williams couldn't let her leave without first addressing the beef. By the sounds of things, it's pretty personal.

Call Remy Ma what you wish, but she's handling the situation as she should, if you ask me. She's fighting with her art — not with guns, not with fists, but with her words. And, sure, shots on social media and graphic cover art for the singles are to be expected. But that's what rap is all about.

You play the dozens, take low blows, and embarrass your opponent so bad to the point where they'll have to make an apology track in order to get back in your good graces. Now, whether or not Remy Ma has done the latter yet remains to be seen, but she definitely doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon.