Here's How To Win 100 Years Of Rent The Runway Unlimited

Rent the Runway

If you have ever thought that a woman in your life was deserving of a fairy godmother, now is your chance to sign her up for some wish-making magic. Rent the Runway is partnering up with Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness in their Fairy Godmother Challenge, where they will give away 100 years of free Rent the Runway Unlimited to deserving women across the country. The Fairy Godmother Challenge is a social media campaign that inspires people to talk about the fairy godmothers in their lives — the women who inspire, help, and uplift them through the good times and bad.

From Dec. 4 - Dec. 20, you can nominate your special person by posting a photo of them on Instagram using the hashtag #FairyGodmothered, with a caption sharing what makes them remarkable. Your post will act as a submission, and your special nominee will be automatically entered in to win one year free of Rent the Runway Unlimited, which usually costs $159/month. With the Unlimited subscription, you get to keep four styles at a time, and you can pick your choices from the site's entire selection of designer styles, letting you pick from 550+ brands. You also get free swaps at anytime, where you can send back a style and then choose something new as many times per month as you want. With that swap you get free 2-day shipping, as well as free dry cleaning.

Not only is it free, but compared to the standard Rent the Runway subscription, it's an absolute steal. The Rent the Runway Update subscription lets you choose four items per month, allows you one swap, and lets you shop from 350+ brands.

Even more exciting, you nominating your favorite woman from your life isn't only a lovely tribute, but you will be donating directly to a worthy cause. For every Fairy Godmother Challenge nomination, Rent the Runway will make a donation to Dress for Success, an organization that helps women get back into the workforce with training, weekly meetups, and wardrobe donations that will have them interview and office-ready.

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway and Van Ness will be sharing stories and announcing the nominees throughout the month of December on Instagram and Instagram stories, and at the end of January the 100 winners will be announced. All participants must tag and follow @renttherunway to qualify for the challenge, and the winners will be notified via Instagram direct message.

As for Van Ness' role in the challenge, he will be the official Fairy Godmother of the campaign, and will award a makeover surprise to one lucky contestant. “I’m thrilled to be a modern-day Fairy Godmother with Rent the Runway for such an incredible cause, recognizing deserving women across the country with 100 years of RTR Unlimited,” Van Ness shared in a press release. “The Fairy Godmother Challenge will transform lives and inspire confidence; both of which I’m passionate about.”

If you want to honor the amazing women in your life during the holiday season, then this challenge is a beautiful way to do it.