Revolve's New H:ours Collection Is Perfect For Instagram

by Melanie Richtman

Revolve knows a thing or two about dressing for a night out. If you've ever browsed their site, you've surely seen the rows and rows of dresses that are perfect for partying. Using this expertise, Revolve created H:ours, a new line of Instagram-worthy clothes made for "the girls who love to party around the clock."

As a girl who would love to party around the clock (except that I realistically do not have the endurance to party around the clock), I instantly fell in love with the slinky silver dresses and slick leather skirts that were popping up in my Instagram feed after Revolve's H:ours debut party on Wednesday night.

According to a press release, H:ours was "designed with the social girl in mind, each piece is made to wear and post for the 'gram.'" The collection was literally designed to look good on Instagram. And it does.

Thursday night's party was attended by a swath of socialites, including models Jas Tookes, Chanel Iman, Hailey Clauson, and influencers like Lily May Mack and Camila Coelho, all wearing pieces from the new H:ours line to perfection. Iman's dress, the Willa Slip Dress, is perhaps the pinnacle of the collection, giving off some major Paris Hilton/Kendall Jenner birthday vibes.

A lot of the items are currently available for preorder, but some are ready to ship out, and it is taking every ounce of will power I have not to order the Willa Slip Dress.

So get ready to see this collection everywhere on Instagram. Because after all, it was made for it.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from Revolve's H:ours collection.

The Savanah Dress

Savanah Dress, $158, Revolve

One shoulder dresses are going to be so hot this summer. Better snag the perfect one now.

The Giselle Dress

Giselle Dress, $168, Revolve

Show a little skin in this trendy (and daring) minidress.

Off Shoulder Cheeky Bodysuit

Off Shoulder Cheeky Bodysuit, $108, Revolve

No explanation necessary.

Elle Top

Elle Top, $148, Revolve

A slightly toned down version of the Willa Slip Dress. Emphasis on "slightly."

Ramsey Skirt

Ramsey skirt, $98, Revolve

This mini skirt is meant to be worn to an all night party... but maybe nowhere else.