This Tiny 'The Last Jedi' Costume Detail Is So Sweet, It Will Actually Break Your Heart

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The internet is a dark place for those who have yet to see The Last Jedi. However, the pandemonium surround the film has yet to die down, and one element of the film people love: the ships. Rey and Poe shippers will love this The Last Jedi hidden detail. While the detail is somewhat spoiler free, it's still heartbreaking in its own, romantic way.

What's this heartbreaking detail, though? If you looked closely at Poe during The Last Jedi, you may have noticed the necklace he wore. It's a simple chain with a ring at the end, and while it's never mentioned in the film itself, the piece of jewelry is in Stars Wars: The Last Jedi: The Visual Guide. In the book, the necklace is pictured with the caption, "Poe wears the necklace of his late mother, Shara Bey, on a necklace, waiting to share it someday with the right partner."

Was that everyone's shipper hearts breaking and coming back together? Not only is Poe basically a walking, talking smolder of a character — a la everyone's fav smuggler turned Rebel Alliance member Han Solo — but he's clearly a romantic to boot. If Poe wasn't already one of your favorites, he may just be now, but the real question is who that mysterious partner will be in the films.

After all, Star Wars is a franchise rife with ships. From Reylo fans (that's Rey and Kylo Ren) to FinnPoe lovers (that one's pretty self explanatory), and those who would love to see Poe and Rey together, there's a lot going down. Basically, it's a free for fall when it comes to ships, but if you've seen The Last Jedi, you know that some of them are more likely to happen than others, and one of those is Rey and Poe. Be aware, though, slight spoilers lie ahead!

While the pair didn't meet in The Force Awakens, they do come together in The Last Jedi. With Finn seemingly paired off with Rose Tico and Kylo Ren rejected by Rey, there seems to be more hope than ever for those who would love to see Rey and Poe as end game. The necklace could become Rey's by the end of the trilogy.

There could, however, be a slight glimmer of hope for those who would rather see Poe and Finn together. Twitter users have been quick to point out that the Visual Guide does not specific a gender when explaining Poe's necklace. Instead, it reads that Poe is waiting for the right "partner." Clearly, this lends hope to those wanting to see the pilot and the former storm trooper together.

The Finn and Poe shippers are clearly amped about the possibilities here.

No matter who your Star Wars OTP is, though, there does seem to be one thing that all fans agree on, and it's Poe's stunning ability to romance basically anything and anyone.

While Rey and Poe shippers may be rejoicing, it's Poe fans who are really having a moment. His necklace from The Last Jedi is just one more reason why fans love the character, and they're all swooning on social media.

No, like actually swooning.

If Poe needs a "partner," there seem to be volunteers out there.

Yeah, Poe fans have a lot of feelings.

Whether your Reyoe heart is all aflutter or your FinnPoe feels are surging, Poe Dameron's necklace from The Last Jedi seems to be an indication that some sort of romance plot if coming in Episode IX. While his partner is yet to be revealed, one thing is for sure: Fans love themselves some Poe.