16 Tweets & Memes That Sum Up Your Obsession With 'The Last Jedi's #Reylo

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The Last Jedi has been released upon the world, and in addition to making boatloads of money for Disney, the film has also given Star Wars fans many new things to obsess over. There are of course the adorable porgs, new characters like Rose, the epic return of Luke Skywalker, numerous subverted expectations, and thrilling lightsaber battles... but perhaps the aspect of the film that fans are most obsessing over is the sexual tension between Rey and Kylo Ren. Shipping #Reylo has become the internet's new favorite thing to do, resulting in loads of Rey and Kylo Ren memes and tweets. Spoilers to follow.

In The Last Jedi, Rey and Kylo Ren spend a lot of time getting to know each other better, and the undeniable bond they shared in The Force Awakens is explored in much greater depth in the film, to the point where it often seems like they are the only ones who understand each other. This is largely illustrated through a number of scenes where the two essentially Facetime by using the Force — a previously unseen power that is used to great effect in the film to enable Rey and Kylo (or Ben, as Rey tends to call him) to share their secrets with each other, touch hands, and even for Kylo to show off his abs. None of this went unnoticed by the internet, so take a look at some of the tweets and memes that have hopped aboard the #Reylo hype train and are looking to ride it all the way to 2019's Episode IX.



This fan threw together a little music video set to Miia's "Dynasty" using some bootlegged footage of the film. I'm not crying, you're crying.


You Know You've Done It, Too


Never Alone

Were these two made for each other, or what?


THAT Fight Scene

Whether you're on #teamReylo or not, there's no denying their battle scene was one of the best in the movie.


Once You Go Reylo...

There is no turning back once you turn to the Reylo side of the Force.


Pure Romance

Kylo's line when he told Rey she was a nobody to everyone but him sent millions of hearts aflutter.


Raising The Bar

Sure, Kylo wants to shroud the galaxy in darkness, but it was still a gentlemanly gesture to ask Rey to do it with him. He even said please.


First Date

That look on Rey's face when she goes to meet her crush in person, oh the feels.


Master Of The Force & Crunches

We all know Rey didn't really want Kylo to put a cowl on.


I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Can you imagine how many porn parodies are going to start with this scene?


Sorry, Haters

For anyone who thought Reylo reached its peak in The Force Awakens... uh, yeah, no.


The Passion

Reylo fans are not a subtle bunch, in case you hadn't noticed.


That's All That Matters

Kylo sure has morphed into a heartbreaker since The Force Awakens.


No Survivors

So many Reylo fans dead, so sad. Also, the fan art has been on point.


A New Hope

Just because Reylo ended on bad terms in The Last Jedi, there's still a chance they make up and have little Force babies.


Not So Fast, Poe

Poe and Rey definitely have a little moment when they meet at the end of The Last Jedi, but Reylo fans aren't scared.

Reylo shippers are only going to get stronger between now and Episode IX, so if you're not on the hype train yet, you might want to head down to the station and get your ticket before they sell out.