‘RHONY’ Stars Commented On Luann’s Arrest & Sonja’s Statement Is Really Something

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The former countess Luann de Lesseps got arrested on Christmas Eve 2017 after she allegedly resisted arrest while she was intoxicated at a hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Now, Luann's Real Housewives of New York City (executive producer: Lisa Shannon) costars are speaking out about her arrest. In an interview with E! News, Bethenny Frankel, Sonja Morgan, and Dorinda Medley shared their thoughts and some updates on Luann. Unlike some of the other cities in the Real Housewives franchise, the NYC ladies are able to bicker, move on after their arguments, and support each other at the end of the day. The Housewives had nothing but love for Luann (and some inadvertent humor courtesy of Sonja).

Bethenny revealed that she and the "Money Can't Buy You Class" singer have "been texting." She said, "She's taking care of herself. She said she's in a good place, so you know like I said, we all have our flaws. Luann's no different."

Bethenny continued, "We all have high points, low points, times we feel confident, times we feel less confident and so... but I'm sorry she's not here." (By "here," it is safe to assume that Bethenny was referring to the event for the launch of her new Skinnygirl Jeans, which was where she made these comments.)

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Dorinda, Luann's close friend and a bridesmaid in her Palm Beach wedding to Tom D'Agostino, said that she hasn't had the opportunity to "talk to her much because she's kind of doing her own thing."

As per usual, Dorinda tried to look at the positive. She told E! News, "The great thing is it is a great opportunity to look backwards in four to five years and say, 'Thank God that happened. Look who I am today if it was not for that.' Luann's a strong girl and I love her, I support her and I look forward to what's going to happen going forward."

Just like Dorinda and Bethenny, Sonja also revealed that she's been in touch with Luann. "She is taking care of herself for her children and for her family," she said. "Listen, it can happen to anyone. It happens to a lot of people just most people don't get caught."

In typical Sonja fashion, she then threw in some unintentional humor when she shared her thoughts on the arrest itself: "It's a fish bowl in Palm Beach and when you're tall like Luann, and you have that voice, you're going to be spotted." Oh, Sonja.

On December 24, Luann spoke out about the arrest herself and tweeted an apology to all of her supporters:

For anyone who may be out of the loop or just needs a refresher on what allegedly went down during Luann's Christmas Eve arrest, here are some of the key facts: According to the Palm Beach Post, Luann was arrested by the Palm Beach Police for alleged battery on a law enforcement officer, allegedly "resisting arrest with violence and crimes against a person", and alleged disorderly intoxication.

On December 27, more facts came to light about Luann's arrest. The Palm Beach Police Department released a report to Bustle that states Luann was handcuffed, but allegedly escaped the handcuffs and kicked the door to the police car in an attempt to escape. Then, an officer allegedly put the handcuffs back on, but she was uncooperative. She allegedly told the officer, "I'm going to f*cking kill you."

On December 29, Luann announced that she was seeking professional help in a statement that the RHONY (co-executive producer: Natalia Munoz) star posted on both Instagram and Twitter.

This is definitely a difficult time for Luann, but at least she has the support of her costars and some professional guidance to help her get through it. If the OG cast member has proven anything over the years, it's that she's resilient.