The Reason Rihanna Reportedly Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Will Have You Saying Same

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Dating is exhausting for everybody, and that's why Rihanna reportedly broke up with her boyfriend for a super relatable reason. The star has reportedly ended things with Saudi businessman and billionaire Hassan Jameel after over a year of dating. According to Media Takeout News, Rihanna reportedly ended the relationship. "Rihanna just got tired of him. She gets tired of men sometimes." The report is unverified, but totally understandable if it's true. Being in a relationship can be exhausting, and sometimes you just have to choose yourself.

Rihanna is having a major couple of years for her career, so it makes sense that she wouldn't have time for men right now. In 2016, she released her critically-acclaimed eighth album Anti, which featured several chart-topping singles, including "Work" and "Love On the Brain." She also debuted her inclusive makeup line Fenty Beauty, which was an immediate hit and continues to outsell other brands. This year, she's already guest hosted the Met Gala, and she's set to star in the new Oceans 8. It's easy to see why the singer and makeup mogul may have decided to focus on other things in her life aside from romance. With all of these exciting opportunities, it seems very possible that things between her and Jameel may have simply run their course.

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Jameel and Rihanna were first linked in 2017, when TMZ photographed the couple together on vacation in Spain. The two never confirmed their relationship in interviews or on social media, and largely kept their time together private. They were last reported together at a 2018 Grammy Awards after party.

The singer's reported ex-boyfriend is the deputy president of Abdul Latif Jameel, which owns Toyota in Saudi Arabia and seven other countries. According to Newsweek, his family has an estimated net worth of 1.5 billion. In January, the two were reportedly spotted on a hotel balcony in Paris, and were thought to be going strong. It appears the relationship has fizzled out, however, and it seems that Rihanna was the one who called time on their relationship.

The unnamed source who claims that the singer "just gets tired of men sometimes," sounds a little blunt, but seriously, if Rihanna did simply get tired of being in a relationship, who can blame her? No one is ever under an obligation to stay with someone just because, and women certainly don't have to wait for men to break up with them. Sometimes, you just aren't feeling the whole dating thing, and that's OK.

Rihanna isn't a "heartbreaker" as a the source who spoke to Media Takeout News suggested. If anything, she sounds like a person who has spent years figuring out how to take care of herself. If she did indeed break up with Jameel, then she almost certainly had her reasons — and if that reason was nothing more than a desire to be single again, then that's pretty awesome.

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Rihanna is an incredible talent, and a woman whose life is never not busy. Whether she's releasing new music, preparing for the release of her summer movie, or hosting big Hollywood events, she always seems to be on the go. If the reports of her breakup are true, it's honestly easy to understand why. Who needs a boyfriend when you're too busy starting a beauty and fashion line, starring in one of the biggest films of the summer, and appearing on hit songs?

If Rihanna wants to focus on herself and doing her own thing, that's something to be celebrated. Relationships with other people come and go, but learning to embrace your own needs and put them first is something that can take a lifetime to learn. As usual, it sounds like Rihanna is simply ahead of the curve.