Rihanna's Fenty 6-20 Drop Includes A New Immigrant T-Shirt


Rihanna may not be releasing new music anytime soon, but she is blessing the world with not one, not two, but three Fenty clothing drops throughout June and July. Drop I is out today, and it’s filled with monochromatic essentials ideal for your everyday wardrobe: Think ultra-chic satin crop tops, a fitted jersey corset dress (available in black and white), and super mini denim shorts that pair perfectly with an oversized denim shirt also in the collection.

The Immigrant T-shirt is another Fenty favorite that’s returning with Release 6-20. Featuring collage prints reading “beyond limits” in the front and “immigrant” in the back, this version is an updated interpretation of the label’s original Immigrant T-shirt from last year. The phrasing "beyond limits" could speak to immigrants defying xenophobic stereotypes and labels, but also directly to the border wall the Trump administration has been touting that has yet to be built or even funded. It wouldn't be the first time Rihanna has used fashion to directly address Trumpian policies.

While many have accused Trump of using his platform to stoke the fires of hate, Fenty emphasizes that the Immigrant t-shirt represents "love and unity." “Bringing back one of our favorite prints, first released last summer in our 5-19 collection,” Fenty wrote on Instagram. “Sending a message of love and unity, the 6-20 edition of the Immigrant T-shirt features a new photo montage in a lightweight jersey.”

Release 6-20 is intended to celebrate “the irrepressible creativity, hope, and spirit of youth,” while also looking “to the spirit and optimism of youth to lead the way forward,” according to a brand statement on its website.

Just one peek at Fenty’s Instagram, which has been sharing sneak previews of the collection, makes that appreciation for youth culture all the more apparent. “New world energy,” one post reads. “Each drop of Release 6-20 explores a different facet of youth culture, from the multi-hyphenate work ethic to the new digital rave scene.”

Courtesy Fenty

Indeed, the drops in the three-part series build on top of each other, working in harmony to create a summer wardrobe for all moods and occasions, starting with understated monochrome daywear in Drop 1, continuing with bursts of color, casual cuts, and slogans in Drop 2, and ending with climactic psychedelic prints in Drop 3.

“Drop 1 is calm, reworking core Fenty designs in a casual aesthetic, offering a new take on the signature Corset Dress in ultra soft jersey with XL sleeves,” the brand explains. “The side-slits denim baggy pants, previously seen in release 2-20, with a re-structured oversized shirt billowing out at the back, form a new power suit.”

Courtesy Fenty

Drop I comes a few days after Fenty posted a powerful message on Instagram to commemorate #BlackOutTuesday. The fashion house revealed that it’s donating funds to organizations like Color Of Change and Movement For Black Lives in support of the Black community.

“Fenty as a brand was created to elevate beauty, power and freedom,” the statement read. “At this very moment racists are attempting to rip those values away from Black people and we will not stand by and let that happen. We are too powerful, creative and resilient.”

Drop II will be available beginning June 18, and Drop III arrives on July 15.