Rose Escaped From Prison Again On 'Jane The Virgin' & She's Def Coming For Jane

Kevin Estrada/The CW

Spoilers ahead for Jane the Virgin Season 5, Episode 16. Sin Rostro's great escape might not have gone exactly according to plan, but nonetheless, Rose escaped jail on Jane the Virgin. She had injured herself to be transported from the jail, caused a car accident, and then used her doubles to evade the guards. Because Luisa had been secretly working with the police (go Luisa!), the authorities had been ready for Rose's ruse. But you don't become the woman without a face by getting captured that easily. So she cruelly sacrificed her henchperson Bobby and escaped through one of her secret lairs she's so fond of. And now Jane and Rafael have yet another completely legitimate reason to be worried about Sin Rostro just in time for the end of Jane the Virgin.

Rose is top of mind for Jane in "Chapter 97" because of her novel. Her new book agent asks Jane to beef up the crime aspect. Lily Lofton innocently suggests that, for the book, the villain may have been switched the baby she stole with another baby. This part of the novel is based on when Sin Rostro actually stole Mateo as a newborn, so Jane starts to worry that Rose really did swap out Mateo.

Because as outrageous as it sounds, Jane and Rafael are at least mildly self-aware of the telenovela-like lives they are leading. So they get a DNA test to confirm Mateo is their biological son. And while the test proves he is, Jane still isn't at ease and decides to confront Rose in prison. But due to Sin Rostro's escape, the confrontation never occurs.

Kevin Estrada/The CW

Luisa has apparently left "for good" (she said "a more permanent goodbye" to Rafael and a policewoman was impersonating her for the Rose escape). But Rose will want to go after her lover that backstabbed her. Yet, the characters that Jane the Virgin fans should be more immediately concerned for are Jane and Rafael. They're still in Miami and Rose might blame them for Luisa's betrayal. After all, Luisa knew the only way to gain Rafael's trust again — and have a relationship with her nieces and nephew — would be to separate herself in a major way from Rose. So Rose could come after Rafael or his children in revenge.

Rose has managed some escapes in the past with her time in the Alps in Season 2 and her submarine trip with Luisa in Season 3. So she could leave Miami and go directly to wherever Luisa went. While Rose is a sociopath, her feelings for Luisa do seem genuine. So perhaps she'd be in denial that Luisa would intentionally hurt her. Or, on the flip side, Rose could be so hurt that she'd be out for blood and even kill Luisa.

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With the show wrapping up and Sin Rostro being at her most desperate, it seems more likely she'll have to lie low in Miami. That leaves nearly anyone in Jane's family vulnerable, including Jane herself. Cause as she writes about all the evil deeds this crime lord has committed in her book, Jane could also be a target. But there are two likely candidates who could put an end to Rose for good — Luisa or Michael. Either one of them could return to Jane the Virgin to save the day. But before that can happen, expect more bloodshed and possibly more face-swapping with Sin Rostro on the run.