Every Terrible Thing Sin Rostro Has Done On 'Jane The Virgin' So Far

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While Jane Villanueva is not one to be involved in criminal activities, the crime boss Sin Rostro has continued to haunt her story on Jane the Virgin. Rose might be in jail right now, but this Sin Rostro recap from Jane the Virgin will remind viewers that they should never underestimate her. Along with her many other crimes, she killed both of Rafael's adoptive parents, kidnapped baby Mateo, and faked Michael's death and gave him amnesia. Currently, Rose has assembled a team of henchpeople who appear to be focused on doing some sort of plan that involves Luisa. And based on her track record, this drug queenpin turned plastic surgery face swapper is guaranteed to cause some additional drama before Jane the Virgin is over.

At the start of Jane the Virgin, Michael was on the hunt for the criminal Sin Rostro — "the man without a face." And Rose was Luisa's on-again, off-again lover, who also happened to be married to Luisa and Rafael's father, Emilio. But by "Chapter 12," viewers found out these two people were one and the same and Michael realized the truth quickly after. Since then, Sin Rostro has continued to terrorize the main characters of Jane the Virgin as this list will help you recall — you know, just in case Rose gave you amnesia too.


She Tricked Both Luisa & Emilio

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When Luisa wanted to confess their affair to her dad, Rose had Luisa committed to a mental health facility. This was the first real indicator that Rose was no good and she continued down her path of destruction when she planted the idea in Rafael's mind that Emilio was the real Sin Rostro.


She Killed Emilio & Her True Identity Was Revealed

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Emilio Solano didn't last long as a character since Rose killed him with cement to get the police off her trail. But Michael and Nadine put it together that Rose was the real Sin Rostro after she killed the bell boy and they found her secret plastic surgery lair at the Marbella. She fled the scene and asked Luisa to run away with her. Luisa rejected the offer and Rose was nowhere to be found until the very end of Season 1.


She Kidnapped Mateo

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What kind of monster kidnaps a newborn baby?! Sin Rostro, that's who. She snatched Jane and Rafael's baby out of the hospital right after he was born so that she could procure a flash drive that had all the identities of the criminal's faces she had changed.


She Disguised Herself As Susanna

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The face swapping in Season 2 took on a whole new level when Rose disguised herself as police detective Susanna Barnett. Viewers didn't know Susanna was Rose until the Season 2 finale. But as Michael's partner, she helped uncover that drive (Nadine had hidden it in Michael's leg), led Michael to discover that Elena Di Nola (Rafael's adoptive mother and Rose's stepmother) was the crime boss Mutter, and dated Luisa.


She "Died"

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Sin Rostro got super tricky in Season 2 when she made it seem like Mutter had killed her. In reality, a different person was wearing a Rose face mask while Sin Rostro was rocking her Susanna mask. But on the bright side, the "death" of Rose directly led to Michael and Jane getting back together and marrying.


She Shot Michael

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But Rose has a habit of really messing with Michael. Immediately following his wedding to Jane, he realized that Susanna was lying about her past. And when he confronted her about it, she shot Michael in the heart. Then, she returned to Luisa's room to confess that Susanna had been Rose this whole time.


She Took Luisa On A Submarine Ride

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In Season 3, Rose wanted to give her relationship with Luisa a real shot. But considering she's a wanted crime boss, the only way to do this was for Rose to kind of take Luisa hostage on a submarine.


She Murdered Mutter

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After discovering her kill list, Luisa resurfaced (literally) and it seemed like she had left Rose for good. Luisa told Michael and Rafael that Rose had killed Rafael's brother Derek (that's yet to be fully proven) and tipped them off that his mother Elena was the next target. Michael was too late to save Mutter, but Rafael learned he was adopted in the process.


She Was Arrested For A Crime She Didn't Commit

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Even though it seemed like Luisa had turned over a new leaf, she hadn't really left Rose after the submarine since Sin Rostro promised to stop her murdering ways. So Rose and Luisa tried to date in public with Rose rocking a new face mask — that of Eileen. No one had figured it out, but it became a problem when the real Eileen killed Scott. Knowing that "Eileen" was Luisa's girlfriend, Rafael set her up to be arrested by the police. So even though Rose wasn't actually responsible for this particular murder, she was demasked and charged for all her other known crimes due to Eileen's misstep.


She Told Rafael About Michael

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Rose turned Luisa against Rafael at the end of Season 3. But other than that, she was simply rotting away in prison from then on. That is until Rafael poked the bear when he went to Rose in Season 4 to ask her about the identity of his birth parents. When he wouldn't give up Luisa's location, Sin Rostro countered with telling Rafael the life-changing information that Michael was still alive.


She Has Targeted Luisa

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With the return of Michael, Luisa decided to visit Rose in jail to find out why she had faked his death. Rose claimed it all came back to the Eileen mask and the promise she made to Luisa that she wouldn't kill anyone else again. And while Luisa walked away from this meeting still free of Rose, Sin Rostro sent her henchperson Bobby to track Luisa.

What Rose wants from Luisa isn't clear. But while the sociopath (not psychopath, thank you very much) Sin Rostro has always had a soft spot for her former lover, that might not be the case anymore. After all, Luisa is kind of responsible for Rose getting arrested. So along with Michael — who frequently gets victimized by Sin Rostro — Jane the Virgin fans should also be worried about what Rose might do to Luisa in the final season.