11 Sin Rostro Moments From 'Jane The Virgin' To Remind You Of All The Trouble She's Started

The CW

While Jane Villanueva is not one to be involved in criminal activities, the crime boss Sin Rostro has continued to haunt her story on Jane the Virgin. Rose might be in jail right now, but this Sin Rostro recap from Jane the Virgin will remind viewers that they should never underestimate her. Along with her many other crimes, she killed both of Rafael's adoptive parents, kidnapped baby Mateo, and faked Michael's death and gave him amnesia. Currently, Rose has assembled a team of henchpeople who appear to be focused on doing some sort of plan that involves Luisa. And based on her track record, this drug queenpin turned plastic surgery face swapper is guaranteed to cause some additional drama before Jane the Virgin is over.

At the start of Jane the Virgin, Michael was on the hunt for the criminal Sin Rostro — "the man without a face." And Rose was Luisa's on-again, off-again lover, who also happened to be married to Luisa and Rafael's father, Emilio. But by "Chapter 12," viewers found out these two people were one and the same and Michael realized the truth quickly after. Since then, Sin Rostro has continued to terrorize the main characters of Jane the Virgin as this list will help you recall — you know, just in case Rose gave you amnesia too.