This Lip Exfoliator Is Basically A Bubble Mask For Your Mouth


From sheet masks to foaming clay, you've probably seen those viral bubble masks by now. You haven't, however, seen something like Rude Cosmetics' bubbling lip exfoliator. The mouth smoothing beauty tool is basically one of those bubble masks for your lips, and you're definitely going to want to give this product a try.

Just in case you did miss the bubble beauty trend, skin care has taken on bubbles as a fun and viral way to help your skin. The most well-known product? The Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. This K-Beauty favorite is great for detoxing skin and removing blackheads, but it's most well-known for how it works. The mask goes on smooth and over time begins to bubble, but not in a subtle way. These bubbles are next level.

Need proof? Just check out the videos on YouTube. There are plenty of gurus who have tested out the ultra-fun product. Now, though, there's one for your lips.

The Rude Beauty Bubblelicious Lip Exfoliator isn't your typical scrub. In fact, it's not really a scrub at all. The exfoliator uses bubbles (yes, bubbles) to make your lips super smooth for lipstick application citing scrubs as sometimes too harsh, and as a bonus, it's totally affordable.

According to the brand's website, the product uses AHAs to gently remove dead skin and exfoliate your lips. The product is also chock full of ingredients like grapefruit, papaya, and peach extract to help calm, moisturize, and exfoliate your lips all at one time.

The brand explains that while they recommend using the scrub once a week, it's gentle enough to be used everyday. Since the exfoliator doesn't contain micro-beads like some scrubs, it's safer and markedly more gentle.

While this video from Georgia Brizuela Relucio isn't in English, it's the perfect way to show how the product works.

Once you apply the mask, leave it on for five minutes, and the bubbles will begin to form.

Once fully formed, simply rub the product in to exfoliate.

if you love the idea of of bubbly beauty products, don't worry. The lip exfoliator isn't the brand's only bubble forming product. They also feature a bubble sheet mask that's made to deeply clean, tighten, and tone the skin. Then, there's a bubbling peel-off mask that will get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores. The best news about both these masks? They're affordable. The sheet mask retails for $3.50 while the bubbling peel-off mask will cost you $19.

If you love an odd beautiful product, can't get enough exfoliators in your life, or have maybe used just too much liquid lipstick over the past few weeks, Rude Cosmetics bubble lip mask could be the answer to your dry lip prayers.

Plus, for only $10, it's totally worth a try. Who knows? You could be in on the next viral trend before anyone else. After all, people do seem to love their bubbles. Now, they can just put them on their lips.