Ryan Gosling's 'SNL' Bloopers Will Have You Laughing Right Along With Him

Samuel de Roman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ryan Gosling loves to laugh, as anyone who's seen him host Saturday Night Live already knows. But as the video of SNL Season 43 outtakes shows, Gosling broke character even more than you originally thought. This time it's not Kate McKinnon who makes Gosling break character again and again — it's a pair of very woke jeans.

In the film unit's outtakes, which are the funny moments that didn't end up in SNL's digital shorts, Gosling is seen filming the sketch "Levi's Wokes" about the "sizeless, style-neutral, gender non-conforming denim for a generation that defies labels." No surprise, he can't seem to make it through the line "You don't know me jeans." On the first try, Gosling, who's wearing a leather jacket with silver studs on it and pair of blue lensed brow-bar sunglasses, says all the words before dropping his head in a fit of laughter.

Gosling then tries it again putting a different spin on it, but the poor guy just can't stop himself from launching into a giggle fit after completing the line read. To be honest, it is a funny line and of course, it's adorable to see him lose it on camera. But it's also just more proof that for such a serious actor, he has a hard time keeping serious face.

Fans will likely remember Gosling's SNL hosting debut in 2015 when he just couldn't keep it together during the "Close Encounter" sketch in which he played an alien abductee alongside McKinnon, who had a very different experience. The minute McKinnon starts speaking with that cigarette hanging out of her mouth about peeing in front of gray aliens, Gosling is ready to break, but he doesn't really lose it until the four-minute mark when he's basically in tears. To be fair, Aidy Bryant is the first one to lose it, but by the end everyone in the sketch is basically unable to stop themselves from giggling.

Gosling officially earned the reputation for breaking character on SNL when he returned to host earlier this year. He laughed his way through the followup "Another Close Encounter" scene and it seems like the show knew he would. Even sitting him right next to McKinnon this time, knowing that would make it even harder for him to make it through the scene laugh-free. He seemed to have caught the sillies though since Gosling continued to laugh through nearly every sketch. He did it while playing "rock and roll flute" and again in an Italian restaurant and then again during a sketch in which Bryant was dressed as a giant chicken, which honestly, how could anyone get through that one?

In the Digital Short "Papyrus" in which Gosling's character is still questioning the font choices of Avatar, he also had a hard time as the blooper reel showed fans. The clip shows him laughing after hitting his fork into his coffee cup only to show off a smile that seems to say even he knows it's silly that he's laughing about that. Luckily, the crew laughs right along with him. Again, did you see that smile?

Watching this SNL blooper reel it's fair to say Gosling wasn't the only one who got the giggles while filming the show. The video shows Kevin Hart laughing his way through the superhero sketch "Captain Shadow & the Cardinal," Jessica Chastain trying her best to keep from breaking in "Doctor's Orders," and Donald Glover giggling during "A Kanye Place."

Charles Barkley takes the cake, though, not for laughing through his scenes, but forgetting his lines and letting out a full-throated F-word every time he does, which does end up getting a laugh from cast member Mikey Day.

While Gosling wasn't the only one who broke character while filming the show, it's clear from this video that Gosling just can't help himself. Once he's in front of the camera in Studio 8H he just can't stop laughing.