Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Put Their Feud On Hold For The All In Challenge

by Mary Kate McGrath
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The coronavirus pandemic really is bringing people together. On Monday, April 20, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman paused their feud for a good cause, coming together to fight food insecurity. Reynolds and Jackman have trolled each other on social media for years, but this week, the two recorded a funny video to support various organizations working to end hunger, including Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, and No Kid Hungry.

On Instagram, Jackman posted a hilarious video with Reynolds, attributing their ongoing, often hilarious, feud to an ages-long family conflict. "People think it started with us, but it didn't." he said. Reynolds agreed, noting, "Jackman's and Reynolds have been mortal enemies for as long as there have been Jackman's and Reynolds'." The two continued to share the backstory behind their internet troll-off, sharing an old photograph that had been photoshopped with the actor's Marvel characters superimposed over the fighting families' faces. Jackman added: "For generations it's been a family honor to oppose each other."

The Marvel stars went on to mock each other's beverage-related business ventures, with Jackman noting that "gin is for the weak," and Reynolds jeering that "coffee is for sleepy people." But despite this new, storied history behind the feud, both stars seemed ready to set differences aside. Or, as Reynolds put it, "we've agreed to agree to not disagree" and both will join the "All In Challenge."

The "All In Challenge" is asking "every athlete, celebrity, sports team, or artist" to provide food to those in need, including kids, elderly, and frontline heroes, as per the organization's website. Jackman and Reynolds pledged to pause their fight and work together to help the cause, saying, "no one deserves to go hungry." It seems the two couldn't quite stop bickering, though, as both began to fight over whether or not to call the organization's web address a "URL" or a "website."

It is heartwarming to see the two stars and sworn enemies (almost) work together, but it's unlikely the ceasefire will last. Reynolds and Jackman have persistently trolled each other on Instagram for nearly five years. In 2015, Reynolds ignited the feud by impersonating Jackman on Instagram, using an Australian accent and asking fans to vote for him as "Sexiest Man Alive." Back in February of 2019, the actors-turned-businessmen seemed to call a truce on Twitter, promising to make ads for each other's companies. But months later, Jackman called out Reynolds on stage during his The Man. The Music. The Show tour, reigniting the fight, as per People.

The actors are not the only celebrities joining in the All In challenge, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Tom Brady, and Justin Bieber among others joining the effort. But Reynolds and Jackman's participation is particularly significant, proving that even the most vehement enemies can come together to help people during this difficult time.

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