Sally Hansen x Crayola Nail Polish Exists & Your Nails Will Look Like A Crayon Box — EXCLUSIVE

Crayola Instagram/Sally Hansen

Scholastic book fairs, field trips, recess. Why can't childhood last forever? Unfortunately, it can't, but that doesn't mean you can't embrace a bit of nostalgia. Sally Hansen x Crayola's Spring Fling collection is coming to remind you of your childhood in the cutest way possible. How are a crayon brand and a nail polish giant teaming up? Just wait until you see this adorable collection that's going to be your new go-to for sunny days.

The nail care giant and iconic crayon brand are coming together to craft a collection of nail polishes that will basically make your nails look like hues in that classic yellow and green box that defined your childhood art projects. Obviously, being based on Crayola crayons, the hues in the collection are gorgeous and out of the box (but actually since it's based on crayons).

The polishes are vibrant, bold, and with warmer months right around the corner (or already here depending on where you live), ideal for embracing color. You're practically guaranteed to paint each of your nails a different color to get the full Crayola crayon effect.

As for the colors, they're six new pastel shades in the Sally Hansen INSTADRI formula, a polish that dries in a miraculous 60 seconds and features a base and top coat meant to extend the life of your at-home mani. What colors are coming? Stunning pastel purple, pink, coral, yellow, green, and blue.

This isn't the first time the two brands have teamed up, though. Back in June of last year, Crayola and Sally Hansen came together for the Back to School collection which concentrated on the crayon company's classic crayon box of colors. According to Sally Hansen, the first collection generated massive buzz online, and now it's time for the two brand to team up and give women everywhere the nostalgia of coloring outdoors during the spring.

While that first collection concentrated on traditional hues, the new shades are much different. The Spring Fling collection is all about what makes the beginning of warmer weather great: the colors. The polishes will come in pastels and feature a softer almost whimsical look to them. Of course, though, the packaging hasn't changed.

Just like the Back to School collection, the Sally Hansen polish bottles have been totally decked out in classic black striping a la the iconic paper wrapping on your favorite box of crayons.

Crayola seems pretty used to the collaborative rodeo, too. Not only is this their second time working with Sally Hansen, but they've got some lipstick work in their pocket, too. Crayola teamed up with beauty brand Clinique at the beginning of 2017 to launch a run of the brand's Chubby Sticks inspired by their crayons.

It seems that crayon-inspired beauty could be having a bit of a moment. In addition to Crayola backed products like the Sally Hansen polishes and Clinique Chubby Sticks, other brands are designing products that take inspiration from the iconic school supply purveyor. The Crayon Case Cosmetics Box of Crayons eyeshadow palette went viral earlier this year proving that people love bold color, and now, you can match your mani and pedi to your eyeshadow look. It's just too perfect, right?

In even better news, the collection, which is available now, won't break the bank. Each of the six shades is set to retails from $3.96 to $4.99 each, depending on the retailer. You can have the perfect, pretty pastel mani for under $5.

Sally Hansen x Crayola is bringing you elementary school nostalgia in an adult way, ad it's the perfect beauty choice for spring.