McDonald's Just Launched Salted Caramel Chocolate Pie That Will Make You Feel Things

by Mia Mercado

Come, my news-worn friends, and rest your weary head on this pillow of blessed content: McDonald’s Malaysia has new salted caramel desserts, and they look like like a sweet and salty dream come true. Not to be dramatic but there is a salted caramel and chocolate pie I would like to crawl inside and live out the rest of my days. Please respect my privacy during this devastatingly delicious time.

Per Delish, McDonald’s recently rolled out a new line of desserts featuring the sweet and salty goddess herself, Salted Caramel. There are Salted Caramel Sundaes, Salted Caramel McFlurries, and the aforementioned Salted Caramel and Chocolate Pie. The pie, as per McDonald’s pie standards, has a crispy, flaky crust, but rather than the standard apple filling, this new pie is stuffed with chocolate and caramel sauce. I’m sorry, were you not prepared to be spiritually and emotionally moved by a pie today?

The new desserts also include something called a Salted Caramel McFlurry Party. According to INSIDER, the party notation means it’s topped with chocolate. According to me, anything dubbed “party” should also come topped with chocolate.

However, because news can only be so good there is, of course, a salted caramel catch: the desserts are only available in Malaysia.

Not to rub it in but McDonald’s Malaysia also has five new coffee-centric dessert options. Each has McDonald’s coffee soft serve as its focal point. (Yes, McDonald’s Malaysia has coffee ice cream and I bet the machines aren’t perpetually broken either.) The most decant of the dessert offerings is the Coffee Sundae with Salted Caramel. It is, as its name suggests, a scoop of coffee ice cream topped with a salted caramel drizzle. It is beautiful, the stuff of dessert dream boards.

Apropos of nothing, roundtrip flights from New York to Malaysia are around $800. Apropos of nothing, of course.

There is a beacon of hope in the form of this one U.S. location that will serve McDonald’s international menu items. Announced in April, the McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago opened a restaurant on the ground floor of its building which will serve a rotation menu of items from McDonald’s around the world. Alongside U.S. classics like McNuggets and Big Macs, patrons will be able to enjoy international McDonald’s items without having to fly to international McDonald’s locations. According to The Record, the first menu rotation included Manhattan and Mozza salads from France, the McSpicy Chicken Sandwich from Hong Kong, and the Mighty Angus Burger from Canada. In June, the menu changed to include McDonald’s Wasabi Fries from Hong Kong.

International desserts are also on the menu. The Chicago location launched with a menu including “Prestigio McFlurry” from Brazil, which comes with strawberry sauce and chocolate-covered coconut bits. In June, they rotated in the “Baci McFlurry” from Italy, which features Baci candy sauce that mixes chocolate and hazelnut bits. While there’s no word about Malaysia’s Salted Caramel desserts expanding to U.S. locations, perhaps this Chicago McDonald’s will save us all a trip across the world.

Before you book a plane ticket in a dessert-inspired craze, perhaps you will find solace in the form of this McDonald’s dessert hack: a McFlurry cookie sandwich. You start by admitting that yes, you are going to do this because this week has lasted roughly 27 years and you deserve it. Then, you order an Oreo McFlurry (or whichever McFlurry fills your heart, soul, and stomach) and the chocolate chip cookies. Now, what I'm about to say is going to sound fully insane but you're going to do it: dump the McFlurry onto the cookies. Go ahead. It's fine. After you've assembled your McFlurry cookie sandwich, revel in your own ingenuity/dessert desperation and paying proper homage to this person who tweeted the McFlurry sandwich into the universe. Bon appétit and god speed.