Saoirse Ronan Wore A Sleek Black Gown To The Golden Globes & Made An Important Statement

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This year's Golden Globes is a little bit different than what you may be used to. It's not about what people are wearing, but why they are wearing it. Walking arm-in-arm with her best friend, Saoirse Ronan wore black to the Golden Globes. The actress announced that she would be donning the color in honor to to protest sexual harassment in Hollywood before the show, but the actual dress was a surprise to fans of the Lady Bird star.

No matter what Ronan was going to wear to the red carpet, fans knew it was going to be incredible and make a statement. The actress and her best friend walked the red carpet wearing black gowns that surely turned heads. Ronan's gown wasn't your typical little black dress. She looked absolutely stunning in the black and slightly silver dress that had only one sleeve and a somewhat futuristic look — which was fitting for the event.

When it was first announced that people were planning to wear black on the Golden Globes red carpet, it was a waiting game to see who would be the first to announce their intention. Ronan was one of the first — along with Gal Gadot, Mary J. Blige and Allison Janney — to confirm that the all-black statement wasn't just a rumor.

“I’m bringing one of my best friends with me and she’ll be wearing black also,” Ronan told Page Six ahead of the event. “The relationships between women are so strong when you have them and it’s about time that we get to experience that in our industry, too, you know?”

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The push to wear the shade came after sexual assault allegation against Harvey Weinstein completely rocked the industry. Women in Hollywood have stepped forward to share their stories and it has caused a ripple effect all throughout the world. Actors and actresses are banning together to show that the behavior will not be tolerated by wearing the shade and speaking out on the red carpet.

According to People coverage leading up to the event, everyone attending would be wearing the color. The stars have not disappointed on the red carpet, since almost ever single person has walked the red carpet donning colors. The amount of black seen at the event is extremely powerful, and the reasons for wearing it give life to the more-than-just sartorial event.

It's not just the women wearing the hue, either. Before the event, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson announced that men will be wearing black in solidarity as well.

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Ronan is nominated for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture for the night. That means that there's a good chance that we might be seeing her again in the night on stage. Which would be incredible, because, well, she super talented and looks absolutely stunning.

Her outfit might have been all black, but she added in some color with her bright blu teardrop earrings. Other than that, she also donned a chunky, silver bracelet to match the embellishments on her dress. She showed them off with slicked back hair to leave for a simple, sweet, and sophisticated look.

According to Twitter, Ronan wore Atelier Versace to the event. But the most important part is the color — or lack thereof. Ronan stood with other women and men to make her voice heard against gender violence and harassment in the industry.

For stars like Ronan, this year was not necessarily about what women were wearing, but why they were wearing it. And that's true power.