Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams' Matching Shirts Really Take Their PDA To The Next Level

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are you even a couple if you don't wear coordinated outfits? Well, yes, of course, but a certain pair wanted to make things extra official. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams' got matching t-shirts, taking their PDA to the next level, according to the actor's Instagram Story over the weekend. This couple has always been very open about their relationship, but they just stepped up their game with these ensembles. And honestly, they're probably some of the only people who could pull this off.

The Modern Family star showed off the grey t-shirts in a series of Instagram Stories. Both shirts feature a photo of the couple wearing bathing suits, along with some pink hearts. However, they each had a different tagline, clearly based on some inside jokes between them.

Hyland designated one shirt "for @wellsadams," which read, "I'm with smoochie booty bear cutie" with an arrow pointing to Hyland on the shirt and another arrow pointing away from the shirt, where she would presumably be standing.

The actor claimed the other shirt for herself. As expected, this one has an arrow pointing to the Bachelorette alum in the photo, and another arrow pointing away from the shirt, where her man would likely be standing. Get ready for this tagline: "I'm with big daddy jungle kitty."

To put it mildly, it's a lot, but that's young love, apparently. These two are just so happy being with each other that they don't really care what anyone thinks. For all we know, these shirts could even be gag gifts. A lot of people pay attention to their social media accounts, so maybe they are just messing with their followers? It's totally possible.

Even if they're not joking, it does fit in with their constant PDA. They're not shy on social media and their fans love it. Following Adams and Highland on Instagram is way to feel like the ultimate third wheel (along with millions of Instagram followers, of course). For the record, a "third wheel" is not a bad thing. There's nothing wrong with supporting a couple in love.

Swells is all about the unique public displays of affection. On Nov. 22, Hyland shared this photo of Adams playfully biting her turkey leg on her hat.

And the new shirts aren't even the first time that this duo coordinated outfits. They had a hilarious Taco Belle Halloween costume. Hyland dressed as a taco and Adams dressed as Belle from Beauty & the Beast. They absolutely killed it.

Back in May, Hyland even channeled her inner Adams by copying his signature look: a red flannel, beanie, message t-shirt, and ripped jeans. No, they weren't just dressing alike for the 'gram. Hyland threw a "Dress like Wells" themed party in honor of his birthday.

There aren't too many couples that can pull off wearing these types of matching outfits — especially featuring a photo of themselves on the shirt. Then, throw in those super personal, yet comical, nicknames and it's clear that Swells is in a league all their own when it comes to the public displays of affection. Now they just need to post a photo wearing the shirts.