Scheana's Sister Escaped Her Car Before It Burst Into Flames & The Story Is So Terrifying

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In news that's absolutely terrifying, Scheana Shay’s younger sister escaped a burning car on Thursday, just minutes before the vehicle was entirely swallowed by the fire. According to The Daily Mail, the Vanderpump Rules star shared a photo of an SUV that was engulfed in flames on Instagram Story, noting that her sister Cortney van Olphen, and her boyfriend, Justice Horden, got out of the vehicle “just in time.” Luckily, they reportedly both made it out safely and unharmed.

According to People, Cortney and Justice were traveling from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when his Jeep caught fire. They stopped on the highway, climbed out of the burning vehicle, and documented the whole ordeal on Instagram and Twitter. As reported by RadarOnline, Justice took a photo of the car as smoke billowed out from the undercarriage as Cortney called for help. It's a good thing they got out of the Jeep when they did: Just minutes after they exited, it was completely consumed by the fire.

“We were just driving and the steering wheel locked up and we saw smoke behind us so we pulled over and it started coming thru the vents so we hopped out and the whole underneath was in flames,” Cortney tweeted. “The car is done tho:( lost so much stuff.” She also wrote that they were worried the car might explode, so they didn't try to save all of their belongings. "We were more worried about it like spreading to the gas tank and then blowing up from there and that’s not the case," she tweeted, "but of course yeah some can actually have some explosions."

“Cortney and Justice got out within minutes of his jeep becoming fully engulfed!” tweeted Scheana’s mom, Erika van Olphen. “Thank God they're ok!!" Here's a video Justice took of the car as the inferno raged on.

What an absolute nightmare. They narrowly exited the car before it burst into flames. Oh, and Justice's vehicle is now no more. That's far less important than their safety, of course, but losing a car is still genuinely upsetting. But hey, everything's fine, no one was hurt, Justice is cracking jokes about a song being "too fire," and everyone is safe and sound. And that really is all that matters.

People reported that members of the police and fire departments arrived at the scene and extinguished the fire after Cortney and Justice got out of the Jeep. Here's what the car looked like after the blaze was put out.

Scheana, who is currently starring in the Las Vegas production of Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, spoke to People after the accident. She told the publication:

“When I got the call from my mom, I freaked out, but knowing she was okay was the most important thing. I can’t imagine how scary that was to experience. I’m so thankful they were all able to get out in time. It could’ve been so much worse.”

Some of Scheana’s Pump Rules co-stars have reacted to this distressing news, too. Kristen Doute reached out to Cortney, tweeting, “I’m so so glad you two are safe Cort.” And fellow Pumper Katie Maloney responded to Scheana’s mom’s tweet, writing, “So glad they are ok! This is sooo scary!!” Couldn't agree more with their messages.

On Friday, Cortney tweeted, “I’m still shook about yesterday.” And who could possibly blame her for that? She and her boyfriend climbed out of a burning vehicle in the middle of the desert. That’s something a person would be understandably shook over for a long time. While this story is horrifying, it's such a relief to hear Scheana's loved ones are OK.