Sienne's Comments About Arie Hint At A Very Dramatic 'Bachelor' Finale

SOURCE: ABC/Paul Hebert.

This week's two-night Bachelor season finale is being billed as the show's most dramatic one, ever. Some fans might be skeptical about the claim — ABC and Chris Harrison tend to hype every Bachelor season as dramatic. But based on what the women who were eliminated from Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Bachelor season have been saying recently, it might actually be true. For example, Seinne Fleming recently hinted that Arie is "indecisive" — and that if Arie doesn't stay with the woman he's currently dating (or engaged to?), it wouldn't be a huge shocker.

During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight last week, Fleming shared her opinions about Arie and the upcoming Bachelor finale. She also cited Arie's treatment of some of the other eliminated women to point out that Arie's "indecisiveness" isn't limited to what he's suggested about finalists Lauren and Becca. (Arie has admitted on the show — and, apparently, to his parents in the finale — that he's worried about choosing the right person.)

"I could tell throughout the process that he had a little bit of indecisiveness, so I wasn't surprised [with what he did in the end]," Seinne told ET. "There were a few other things early on that it seemed like he wasn't sure... He gave Chelsea a rose for their one-on-one and then sent her home literally the next week."

In addition to Seinne, Bekah M. has also spoken out about Arie's potential readiness for an engagement and for marriage after the Bachelor is over. Also speaking to ET, Bekah suggested that she was more ready for marriage than Arie, despite their age difference.

"No, [I don't think he's ready]. I think I'm more ready for marriage than Arie is, quite honestly," Bekah said to ET. "I don't think Arie knows what he wants, and I don't think he's serious about being with one person for the rest of his life."

Bekah also recently said on The Ringer's Bachelor Party podcast that Arie was worried about "looking good" on camera during The Bachelor's filming — which may have gotten in the way of him being himself.

"I think he was so concerned on our season about looking good," Bekah said on the podcast. "And I think he was so scared of how the public was going to perceive him that he didn't loosen up."

Seinne also told ET that she hasn't been asked to be the next Bachelorette, but that she would "consider it" if ABC approached her. The outlet also noted that the next Bachelorette will be revealed during the After The Final Rose special on Tuesday, though, so it does seem like Seinne might not be the Bachelorette after all.

As for who Arie will choose, Seinne also gave ET some hints that he may be closer to Lauren than he is to Becca. She makes a great point, too. Arie did tell both women he loved them. But he told Lauren first, whereas with Becca, she told Arie she loved him, before he reciprocated the phrase.

"The thing that I noticed was interesting was that he told Lauren that he loved her [before she told him]... It came from Arie first when it was directed to Lauren," Seinne told ET. "Becca told Arie that she loved him [before he reciprocated]."

Seinne also pointed to Lauren's one-on-one date with Arie in Italy as evidence that the Bachelor was falling for Lauren and wanted to make her "feel comfortable" on the show. Seinne also shared that even Becca could tell how close Arie and Lauren were.

"Becca K. hadn't really made a comment about anyone else going on one-on-one dates, but when she saw him with Lauren, she felt uncomfortable," Seinne told ET. "She felt their connection as well."

Still, fans will have to wait until the finale airs to learn which woman Arie ended up choosing in the end. Based on what Seinne and Bekah M. have to say, though, this Bachelor finale might just live up to the "most dramatic finale ever" hype.