Selena Gomez Got The Best B-Day Surprise From A Certain 'Shark Tank' Star

by Stephanie Downs
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Selena Gomez has been ringing in her 27th birthday in total style, in more ways than one. In addition to spending some time in Italy, Gomez got a birthday message from Shark Tank's Mark Cuban to help celebrate her special day (all thanks to her besties, who arranged the moment). And, luckily, the fun was captured on video for all of the singer's fans to see.

Gomez's present from two of her best friends came in video form this year, as she detailed on Instagram. The birthday clip started off with a compilation of moments from The Office, her friend Taylor Swift's "Ready For It?" music video, and, naturally, Shark Tank. While that last pop culture reference may come out of left field, apparently, the former Disney star is a major fan of the ABC series. The birthday girl captioned her Instagram post, which featured the surprise, with a little explanation, "Not many of you know but I am obsessed with shark tank. Two of my best friends nailed my gift 😁."

In the actual birthday video, Gomez got a special shoutout from one of the Sharks himself, as he could be seen saying, "Hey, Selena, it's Mark Cuban from Shark Tank. I wanted to say happy 27th birthday, enjoy! Hope you have many, many more, and keep on watching, thanks." The Wizards of Waverly Place star was, understandably, thrilled about the video tribute, telling her friends, "That was so cool!" But, the birthday surprises didn't end there.

Later in the clip, the ABC series' "partnership," Shark Tank x SG was announced, meaning that Gomez and her friends get to watch a taping of the show in person in September. Basically, just as Gomez said on Instagram, her friends really nailed the gift.

As previously mentioned, this gift wasn't the only major part of Gomez's recent birthday fun. The 27-year-old detailed on Instagram that she's been busy spending some much-needed rest and relaxation time in Italy. In addition to posting stunning shots of herself posing against the Italian backdrop while "trying desperately to look like a Fellini film", the birthday girl also shared a message to her followers in which she thanked them for their wonderful birthday wishes.

On July 24, two days after her birthday, Gomez posted a lovely, carefree photo of herself posing on the balcony during an evening in Italy. In her caption for the post, she shared a message thanking those who spent the time to write her such positive and meaningful notes in honor of her special day, as she wrote,

"Well I’m 27 now. I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your words on my bday. Not just the quick notes. The thought that goes behind every word you write usually ends up with me crying grateful tears like I did last night. Praying for all of you!! I LOVE YOU"

Based on her recent Instagram photos of her Italian getaway and her recent Shark Tank-themed surprise from her besties, it's clear that Gomez spent her birthday in the best ways possible.