Selma Blair Is Celebrating Two Years Of Sobriety With A Heartfelt Instagram Post

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Selma Blair has a lot to celebrate this weekend. On Friday, the actor posted an Instagram to commemorate two big occasions: Saturday, June 23 is her birthday, and she recently reached two years of sobriety. She’s been open in the past about her struggles with alcoholism, and Selma Blair’s birthday Instagram post about her sobriety is a celebration of life, in more ways than one.

Blair turns 46 on Saturday, June 23 (which is pretty mind-blowing, because it feels like Legally Blonde just came out — probably because it’s such a timeless classic). In her Instagram pic, she’s posing with a scrumptious-looking cake covered in coconut flakes and a perfectly askew lavender party hat — a very Instagram aesthetic.

Her caption reads: “2 years sober. 2 years feeling everything and nothing. 2 years of extreme gratitude and humility and grace. I thank the lord and my friends.” She continued, “I prayed for a miracle at my lowest points. I am a living miracle. Thank you.” There are probably very few better gifts than feeling like a walking, talking miracle. Sobriety can certainly feel like a new lease on life, especially based on her caption.

As a recap, Blair has been open about her struggles with alcoholism in the past. Just last month, on May 15, she posted a 20-year-old throwback photo of her earliest days in Hollywood — reminiscing about the good, the bad, and the ugly in a candid and beautiful reflection about her journey in Los Angeles, shouting out all of her friends she’s made. She wrote:

“I battled alcoholism and depression and anxiety. I am now winning that battle. Hi a much better life!”

She also wrote that she battled postpartum depression for “4 long years” after the birth of her 6-year-old son Arthur, which is still something women tend to not speak as openly about (Chrissy Teigen has also discussed her experience with postpartum to help break the stigma and raise awareness for mental health).

Blair also wrote in that throwback post, “[I had] crippling anxiety. I fell apart. The last moment being very public. I was sorry. I was humbled,” referring to her harrowing experience in July of 2016 when she suffered what People originally reported as an “outburst” on a flight from Cancun to Los Angeles, but was actually a "psychotic break," as Blair explained when she opened up about the incident four months later on The Talk, according to E! News. Blair reportedly had been removed from the flight on a stretcher after bursting into tears and speaking fearfully and incoherently.

As Blair said on the The Talk in October 2016, discussing the traumatic incident at length for the first time, she had mixed medications with alcohol which caused the "psychotic blackout." She explained,

"I am someone who should never drink and I rarely do and I don't drink anymore, but I did. I was going through something. I had a glass of wine, someone gave me a pill that I thought was something that I had taken before, which I don't take on a regular basis. It was something completely different. A very bad choice and I had a total psychotic blackout."

That flight was on June 20, 2016 — the start of her journey to sobriety.

In that cute throwback post from May, in which Blair is wearing a super endearing, super '90s outfit, she wrote:

"For better or for worse. I want to have hope again. I want to thank you all for believing in me.I want to find the right work for me. And for me as a mom and as a woman who has come so far in personal ways. I want to make us all proud."

And from the looks of her Instagram, she is a great (and very fun) mom. As for work, there's no doubt she's on the up and up again — she gave a great performance as Kris Jenner in American Crime Story, and she also walked the catwalk in her friend Christian Siriano's 10-year anniversary show to represent a voice of the #MeToo movement. Blair is celebrating her birthday, her sobriety, and life this weekend. And you should celebrate yourself, too — you deserve it.