You'll Want To Follow Serena Williams’ Adorable Daughter On Instagram Immediately

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian's newborn daughter is only a few weeks old, and she already has more Instagram followers than you do. The baby girl, cleverly named Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., joined Instagram just a few days ago, but she'll probably reach social media influencer status by the end of next week. She kicked things off with two adorable photos of herself sleeping peacefully under the watchful eyes of her mother, and in one of the photos, she's wearing a onesie with a quote that proves she's already taking after her super talented parents.

The quote on the onesie reads, "Smart and strong like my mama," and it's a safe bet that this is already true, despite not even being a full month old yet. The photo was uploaded alongside a one-word caption that read, "Biceps," next to the flexed biceps emoji. It's refreshing to see that the couple is already instilling the importance of strength and intelligence, as opposed to just physical beauty, so early on in her life. She may still be a newborn, but if there's anything about Williams' daughter Alexis Jr. that fans can all agree on, it's that she'll grow up to be just as strong as her tennis legend mother. Plus, Alexis Jr. has a Grand Slam Title that she earned before she was even born to show for it, since technically she was in her mom's stomach when Williams took home the award.

And then, there's the fact that her Instagram handle is @olympiaohanian. It's possible that her mom and dad are already in the habit of referring to her by her middle name, which obviously seems to be a nod to Williams' many triumphs at the Olympics. If that's the case, then it's safe to say that, from here on out, the mere mention of her name should serve as a reminder of just how amazing and strong she and her mother are.

It'll clearly be a while before the world knows just how much she takes after her tech-savvy dad, who's the co-founder of Reddit, but she's already not too far behind him in terms of their presence on the internet. Both the father and daughter are very well-known on social media, with him literally being the head of an entire social network and her easily being one of the most talked about celebrity babies of the year. Either way it goes, Alexis Jr. definitely has some talented parents, and it'll be surprising if she doesn't follow in at least one of their footsteps when she grows up.

Alexis is the couple's first child, and Williams accidentally announced her pregnancy back in April. Not surprisingly, users of the internet collectively freaked out following the announcement and were overjoyed by not just the news itself, but also the revelation that the athlete/legend/goddess was in the early stages of her pregnancy when she won the Australian Open earlier this year.

Williams and Ohanian welcomed their baby girl on Sept. 1, according to reports, and they shared the first images of her earlier this week. The couple took to social media to share the sweetest video montage that features intimate footage of the family all throughout Williams' pregnancy, from clips of their first ultrasound together to one that shows the former mom-to-be using her tiny dog to practice holding a baby. Toward the end of the two-minute video, there's a clip of Williams holding the newborn shortly after she was welcomed into the world, with her voice in the background narrating,

"It's been a long time but, we had a lot of complications and look what we got. We got a baby girl."

These two are definitely going to be awesome parents, and Alexis Jr.'s Instagram page is only just the beginning.