Should I Break Up With My Significant Other? 8 Signs You Shouldn’t End It, At Least Not Yet


How much time should pass between the moment you decide to break up and the moment you do it? While nobody likes to drag out breakups, it’s easier to decide you want to stay together after all before you break up than it is to break up and then try to get back together. So, it’s worth taking the time to reflect on your relationship and see if it’s salvageable before ending things.

"If you’ve been miserable for years and have been to counseling and don’t see any changes in sight, break up," Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Chandrama Anderson, LMFT tells Bustle. "Give yourself and your partner a chance to be happy with someone else. You deserve to be loved and appreciated."

However, she says, “Many people decide to break up way too soon. Have you tried talking everything through? Have you gone to couples counseling? Many issues can be resolved with professional help. ... Relationships take work; you get out what you put in."

There's nothing wrong with moving on if that's truly what you want to do, but don't jump to the conclusion that there's no more hope for your relationship before you try to fix it. If you’re thinking about breaking up with your partner, here are some signs that you should reconsider, at least for now.

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