Why It Doesn't Matter Which Theater You See 'Captain Marvel' In

The first ever Marvel Cinematic Universe movie focusing primarily on a female superhero, Captain Marvel, finally hits theaters on Mar. 8, and it's the perfect kick off to Women's History Month. While you definitely don't need to see Captain Marvel in 3D for it to rock your world, it might be something you'd want to consider. A lot of Captain Marvel takes place in space, after all, so it's certainly going to have awesome effects that a 3D experience could improve. Ships blasting through space look cool no matter what, but if it looks like they're actually flying towards your face, your moviegoing experience could reach a new caliber of epic.

You can find out where Captain Marvel is playing in 3D near you on Fandango, and if you're able to spare the extra money for the ticket price, you probably won't regret it. If you want to take your viewing experience to an even higher level, you can also find Captain Marvel playing in IMAX. The IMAX Twitter account describes that viewing experience as boasting "clearer images, immersive sound, bigger screens and up to 26% more picture." That may be worth the extra pennies, considering how exciting it will be to see Brie Larson kick actual butt as Carol Danvers in an immersive experience.

Larson, on the other hand, might not understand your hankering to experience Captain Marvel on bigger screens. On an Instagram photo that she posted last September, Larson wrote of an IMAX theater viewing of the Captain Marvel trailer, "Amazed that anyone would want to see my face that large."

The truth is, that it doesn't really matter how you watch Captain Marvel in theaters. Even if you see it in a crowded theater while on a bad date with a tall person sitting in front of you and with only burnt popcorn to snack on, you would still probably have an awesome experience. Following 2017's blockbuster DC movie, Wonder Woman, the impact of a female superhero being the focus of a movie — no matter the screen — is invaluable.

Perhaps nobody is more aware of Captain Marvel's potential to change people's lives than Larson, who recently spoke about how she herself cried during Wonder Woman with Marie Claire UK. Larson explained, "My hero was Indiana Jones. To have the chance to be one example of this is powerful and exciting." You may find yourself crying during the action scenes in Captain Marvel, just like how many women cried — including Larson — while watching the fight scenes in Wonder Woman. But it will likely happen because you're so inspired. That's what Larson wants, at least, as she told Marie Claire, "Hopefully, [it] will remind others, whatever journey they’re on, of their inner strength."

Captain Marvel is also packed with otherworldly villains and heroes that will make you squirm in your seat. And then there's the fact that Captain Marvel will lead up to the next MCU release, Avengers: Endgame, which will hit theaters on Apr. 26 and close out this phase. Regardless of how Captain Marvel fits into the overall puzzle of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, on its own, it's a monumental event. No matter how you see the movie in theaters, you're bound to be thrilled.