Shower Plants Aren’t Just Instagram Friendly — They Can Actually Improve Your Health

There is little time I find more relaxing than my time spent in the shower. It's a similar type of feeling to when I go for a long walk in my local park and spend the day breathing in the fresh air, unwinding. Finding things that help put you at ease are so important, as those feelings can affect your overall stress levels, and ultimately, your health. So, what if there was a way to combine the two relaxing activities? Fortunately, science has given us a reason to spice up our bathroom aesthetic: putting plants in the shower can actually improve your overall health.

It's a known fact that keeping plants in your apartment can make you feel better. But why not take it one step further and put plants inside your shower? For starters, it's a place you'll consistently visit and its purpose is already to improve your health. Without showers, not only would I smell atrocious, but my physical and mental health would surely deteriorate. Giving your shower an extra boost with a few plants will not only make the space a lot cuter — since plants always make a room look better — but can better your overall health every time you're around them. Plants like eucalyptus are particularly good for the shower because they release essential oils when steamed, while hanging plans like pothos, ivy, or philodendrons will cascade down your bathroom walls and increase the rustic spa-like vibe.

If you want to get in on this incredibly Instagram-friendly trend while soaking up some health benefits, read on for the health benefits of shower plants.


Improve Your Mental Health

When you're feeling stressed do you ever have the urge to go to your local park and just chill out? Odds are you've done this without even thinking about why; just being near greenery helps you feel better mentally. Plants are can help reduce mental stress and make us feel more at ease. The shower is a relaxing time already, but having plants in there can make the cleaning ritual's chilled out effects even more powerful.


Increase Your Energy

A study out of Texas A&M University's Agriculture & Life Sciences department found that having plants around can increase your energy levels. While you may use your shower as a way to wake up in the morning, having one or more plants in the shower can give you an additional boost. The plants are perceived as giving an extra sense of vitality.


Provide Better Air Quality

According to a study done by NASA, house plants may be able to eliminate harmful toxins in the air that have found their way inside your home. Keeping these plants in the shower aids in maintaining better air quality in the bathroom. No one wants to be breathing in bad air, but especially not when you're cleaning yourself.


Act As A Natural Humidifier

The feeling of walking around when the air is very dry and your skin feels weighed down is pretty awful. Having plants around can go a long way to getting rid of that feeling as about 10 percent of the moisture in the air is released from plants, according to Houzz. Yes, you're already in the shower, which is hopefully pretty humid, but making sure that air is well humidified even when the shower isn't running can help with allergy symptoms, skin dryness, sinus headaches, and more. Having a selection of plants around as you soak in the hot shower can ensure your body maintains all the moisture you need to feel great.

Make your shower that much more enjoyable — and beneficial for your health — and get a few plants. Above all else, there's no doubt they'll be quite pretty to look at.