Signs Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Going To End Up Engaged

by Nicole Pomarico
WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although there are plenty of us out there (including me) who would love to marry Prince Harry, that honor can only go to one woman, and it seems there's a chance William's little bro already has that covered. Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took their relationship public last year, rumors have been swirling that she could be the one, and it seems more likely now than ever that these two are meant to be. There are so many signs that Harry and Markle could end up engaged.

According to what sources tell People, Harry is reportedly taking Markle as his date to Pippa Middleton's wedding in May, which is kind of a huge deal. She's said to not be attending the ceremony, since apparently, plus ones of that nature are reserved for spouses or fiancées only. But she will reportedly be accompanying Harry to the reception, and that in itself is an important step in the right direction. Bustle reached out to Markle's rep for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

But Markle being Harry's date isn't the only sign that things are getting more serious between them lately. It seems inevitable that these two crazy kids will eventually tie the knot, and here's why.

The Fact That Their Relationship Is Public At All

When Harry announced he and Markle were dating in a letter to the media, I had a feeling that this could end in a wedding. If Harry was just seeing someone casually, I doubt that he (or his family) would want to tell the world, especially since it would suck to have to deal with press after they ended things.

She Shut Down Her Website

Not too long ago, Markle decided to shut down her site, The Tig, without much explanation except for saying in a letter to her readers that it was "time to say goodbye" to the community she'd built. Maybe it's because a royal engagement is looming on the horizon?

Harry Spent Easter With Her Instead Of His Family

In any relationship, spending a holiday with your significant other is A Really Big Deal. So, when reports surfaced that Harry spent Easter in Toronto where Markle is filming Suits, it seemed pretty clear that their relationship was getting pretty serious.

She Hasn't Tweeted In Over A Month

None of the members of the royal family have their own individual public social media accounts, so it's not surprising that Markle would back off of hers if she was about to join them. If her Twitter ever disappears, it's on.

They've Already Gone To A Wedding Together

In March, Markle was Harry's date to his friend's wedding in Jamaica and, like People points out, when Kate and Will were dating, they rarely attended events like that together and if they did, they stayed pretty separate while they were there. Not in this case, which means things could be heating up.

Her Director Says Their Relationship "Makes Sense"

Since Markle and Harry haven't said much about their relationship themselves, those of us who are curious about it have to rely on the people close to them to share the dirt. And as far as Reg Traviss, who directed Markle in Anti-Social: Special Edition, is concerned, this couple makes sense.

He told People:

"I thought [their relationship] sort of makes sense. It struck me at that time that she is an actress but her passion is charity, that kind of stuff."

Sounds like she'll fit in with his fam pretty well.

Now, all that's left to do is wait for an engagement announcement... and a pic of the ring that will inevitably follow. I'm so ready for more royal weddings, so fingers crossed these two are next.