All The Major Signs That Diggy & Dominique Are Dating After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Paul Hebert/ABC

As contestants pair off on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4, one couple worth rooting for is Diggy Moreland and Dominique Alexis. They're cute together, there's no drama between them, and there are plenty of signs that Diggy and Dominique are still together after Bachelor in Paradise. Diggy was recently a participant in Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette and Dominique was a contestant on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. And so far, Diggy and Dominique have been getting along well in Paradise.

Of course, the course of love on Bachelor in Paradise never does run smooth. Fred from Rachel's season arrived in Paradise this week, along with Blake E.; they came in with a double date card. Fred asked out Dominique on the double date, which involved speed boats and zip-lining. But the date didn't spell too much trouble for her growing romance with Diggy. When she returned from the date, Diggy challenged her to a question game he made: "Digging Deep With Diggy," in which the goal is for him to get to know her better. Naturally, she then asked him some of the questions, turning it into "Digging Deep With Dom." Too cute.

On-screen, Diggy and Dom have been adorable, but there have also been some off-screen signs that these two could still possibly be together post-Paradise.

They Are Friendly & Flirty On Twitter

Like many of the other Bachelor alums, Diggy and Dominique have been live-tweeting along with the show as it airs on ABC. And they have been very playful with each other on the social media site. During Monday night's episode, Diggy complimented Dom's appearance via Twitter.

On Aug. 23, Dominique retweeted a fan's tweet about how Diggy and Dom have reminded her of Randal and Beth, a loving married couple from the NBC drama This is Us. Dom tagged Diggy in the RT.

They Are Both Spending Time In Los Angeles

Dominique's Twitter bio says she's currently based in LA and Diggy's Twitter bio says he's based in Chicago. But Diggy has been posted a lot of IG pics from Los Angeles recently, so it's a sign he and Dominique could still be dating.

They're Both Reminiscing About Paradise

Both Diggy and Dominique have been posting photos, reminiscing about all the fun they had in Mexico while filming BiP. Looking back at all that fun fondly is a also a good sign — because if things had ended badly between them, they probably wouldn't be posting so much.

They Have Hung Out Together, Post-Show

Former BiP contestant DeMario Jackson posted this photo tagged at OAK 1 in Los Angeles on Aug. 6. Diggy and Dominique are in the photo, but not on the same side. Hmm.

Dominique's Twitter Likes

If you play "digging deep in Dom's Twitter," you'll notice that most of the recent fan tweets she has bestowed red hearts to are about her and Diggy's courtship. It would be kind of weird to like all of those sentiments if they were not on good terms.

They Are Both 'Game Of Thrones' Fans

Sure, a lot of people are fans of GoT, but hey, what better way to bond than over the HBO drama series? Lots of couples love to watch TV together. Both Diggy and Dominique live-tweeted the Season 8 finale on Sunday, Aug. 27. Could they have been watching together?

So, we totally shouldn't be surprise when it's revealed that Diggy and Dominique are still be together after Paradise, because the signs have been everywhere.