Signs That Raven Wins 'The Bachelor'

by Alaina Urquhart-White

We are officially at the point of the season where it is becoming more and more clear who Nick Viall might pick to win this season of The Bachelor. Fans have started to get to know the women more and more each week and, as contestants eliminated, the frontrunners have become extremely clear. Sure, Vanessa seems to be one of the absolute favorites, but, personally, I think Raven has this thing in the bag. Everyone can go home now, because there are so many signs that Raven will win The Bachelor.

Of course, there are always shake-ups and signs can be interpreted or misinterpreted along the way but I really think that Raven is simply killing it. For one, she seems like she really meshes well with Nick's personality. He has a dry, subtle sense of humor and Raven seems to not only be able to understand it, but also match it. Not to mention, when she told the story about beating her naked ex-boyfriend with a stiletto after she caught him allegedly cheating on her, I thought Nick would bend down and propose right there.

It's not just subtle moments like these that make Raven a shoo-in for that Neil Lane diamond, in my opinion. Raven was the first girl to meet Nick's parents and they loved her. She seemed right at home with the Vialls, which has to be important to our Bachelor. Nick is extremely close with his younger sister, Bella. It seems pretty standard that any woman who wants to steal his heart would have to pass the Bella test first. Well, when Raven attended her soccer game with Nick and then went roller skating with the two of them, it seemed like they had been a family all along. Bella clearly dug Raven and vice versa.

Of course, some of you may be thinking that I'm jumping the gun with this sign because of what happened when JoJo Fletcher met Ben Higgins' parents on the last season of The Bachelor. His parents we're absolutely in love with her and didn't seem to care for Lauren that much, but Ben chose Lauren in the end. Still, Raven and the Vialls had a connection, there's no doubt about it. I think Nick will definitely take that into consideration when making his final choice.

Despite the faint possibility that these signs could just be figments of my hopeful imagination, I really think that Raven has the best shot here. Nick seemed immediately enamored by her and not just in the physical way that he seems enamored by the likes of Corinne. Raven and Nick seem like they have forged a truly deep connection founded on mutual personality traits and, with the family's stamp of approval, what could go wrong?