These Similarities Between Bran & The Night King Support A Game-Changing 'GOT' Fan Theory

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Everyone knows that Bran Stark is no longer the bright-eyed young child that was carted around Winterfell in Game of Thrones past, but no one could've expected the character's trip beyond the wall to leave him not quite human. Bran may still be a human being, but he certainly doesn't act like one. And while viewers know who he used to be, some fans have theories about who — or what — he will become. There are plenty of similarities between The Night King and Bran that GoT fans are using as proof that the characters are actually one and the same.

Fan theories have become just as much a part of GoT as the show itself, from those that have been proven to be real (R + L = J, for instance) to those that have not (Varys is not a merman, sorry). Time may be running out on the show, but that hasn't stopped fans from trying to connect the dots on some big theories. The idea that Bran and the Night King are the same may sound outlandish, but the similarities between the two figures show that it's not entirely unfounded. Here are some of the most promising evidence to support the "Bran = Night King" theory.

The Style

Bran's all-black look fits his new Three-Eyed Raven phase, with him opting for a flowing robe and light protective armor. He seems to share a similar fashion sense with The Night King, who honestly doesn't even need to wear clothes. The idea that White Walkers feel the need to show up in their best outfits seems to come from a human idea of how clothing works, and it seems like The Night King got his fashion advice from Bran Stark.

The Walk

As it the looks weren't enough, their walks are also very similar. Both Bran and the Night King's arms dangle as they walk, and their feet hit the ground heel first. This is Bran's idea of walking after having lost mobility in Season 1, since he's only seen walking in his visions. If he does become the Night King, it would make sense that he keeps that stride.

The Look

When Bran was young his face was rounder, but after going through puberty, it's grown sharper and more defined. In fact, some fans are even suspecting that The Night King's design is strikingly similar to Bran's post-puberty facial structure. The Night King wasn't introduced until Season 4, giving the Game of Thrones designers plenty of time to try and match The Night King's face to Bran's face.

The theory that Bran is the Night King seems more and more plausible after every new episode and each new revelation about Bran's powers. He's gone back in time, he's inhabited other beings, and he has permanently affected the course of history. He could very easily become the very thing he's trying to hard to defeat – or perhaps he's just making sure that history happens the way he knows it is supposed to. At the very least, it's clear that Bran and the Night King are following the same fashion board on Pinterest.

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