Skin Inc’s Customizable Sheet Masks Will Make Multi-Masking Easier Than Ever

Although important, self-care can often be overlooked in our busy lives. The good news is there are tons of simple ways to treat your mind and body at the end of a long day. My personal favorite method? Having at at-home spa day. If you're on the same page, you need to learn more about Skin Inc's customizable sheet masks — they're going to make multi-masking easier than ever. If you love to use multiple sheet masks on a Sunday afternoon or if you consistently apply different masks to different parts of your face to address different concerns, you know that addressing all of your skin issues at once can be difficult. With Skin Inc's masks, you'll be able to multi-mask in a hurry, without any mess.

How do the Skin Inc customizable sheet masks work, though? There are three different masks in the new collection all meant for different skin care concerns. The Platinum Mask is meant to give brightness and radiance to the skin, the Rose Gold is for anti-aging and lifting purposes, and the Black Gold mask is for calming and detoxification. But wait — that's not the coolest part about these new launches.

Unlike most sheet masks, Skin Inc's latest editions are separated into two distinct parts: a top and a bottom. The masks are designed this way so that fans can mix and match the masks as they choose. If you want to use an anti-aging mask on your forehead, but a detox mask on your chin, you officially can, thanks to Skin Inc.

Courtesy of Skin Inc

Even better, the masks are also affordable. If you want to purchase the masks separately, they retail for $12 per pack. If you want to try all three and mix and match until your heart is content, they'll run you $33 for the bento box.

Courtesy of Skin Inc

While multi-masking may not be new — in fact, it's kind of all the rage — a system of sheets masks specifically designed to make the process easier is definitely unique and exciting. Now, there's no more cleaning off spatulas to apply a new mask and no more using multiple sheet masks in one day.

Courtesy of Skin Inc

If you want to check out Skin Inc's latest sheet masks, head over to the website now. These incredibly multi-masking creations are perfect for a much-needed pamper session, and your skin will definitely thank you for it.