Sonic Is Launching A Reaper Spicy Margarita Slush — Here's What It Tastes Like

Emma Lord/Bustle

There are a lot of words we're about to be looking at on this screen, including "reaper," "spicy," and "margarita," so let's just take a beat to process them all together. I'll ease you in first with the news that, come July 2019, Sonic is launching a line of Mocktail Slushes flavored like your favorite iconic summer drinks. Then I'll go ahead and drop the flavor bomb that is the drink heading the lineup: Sonic's Reaper Spicy Margarita Slush, which is extremely not for the faint of heart.

That's right, y'all. If you feel like setting your brain slightly on fire this summer, but in a fun, refreshing, and oddly hydrating way, look no further than Sonic, which flavored this marg-inspired slush with literal Carolina Reaper chili pepper. In case you aren't quite feeling up to defying the stars and roof of your mouth, the Mocktail Slush line will also include two other drinks, including a Strawberry Daiquiri Slush that combines strawberry and coconut flavors, and a Piña Colada Slush that combines coconut and pineapple. Save for my less-than-stellar photography skills, they are also quite pretty to look at in real life.

Emma Lord/Bustle

I had the opportunity to try these slushes before they hit the nationwide menu in July, and can confirm that there's no mistaking the kick of the Reaper Spicy Margarita Slush — that being said, it is a weirdly compelling kick. Like, my brain said "Ow," but my mouth said, "Again!" Which is to say, it is definitely spicy, but the sweetness of the slush does a good job of balancing it out, and once you acclimate with a few sips the slight burn gets quite pleasant. For context, this is coming from someone who tears up eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos (yes, I am ashamed on my own behalf and on behalf of this great nation), so even people who are a little wimpy about spicy food can enjoy this one.

The other two Mocktail Slushes — the Strawberry Daiquiri Slush and Piña Colada Slush — basically taste like being at the beach, which seemed to be Sonic's intention. “Vacation is a state of mind, a state of being, and we could not wait to add a twist to these tropical classics in true SONIC-form. We’re excited to bring our guests a taste of vacation anytime, anywhere with our new Mocktail Slushes!” Scott Uehlein, Sonic's vice president of product innovation and development, in a statement shared with Bustle.

If you're going to let a Reaper Spicy Margarita Slush happen to you at Sonic this summer, a few pro-tips. First, definitely get one of the other Mocktail Slushes to try, just in case you need a backup slush if the spiciness gets too hot to handle. And second, get yourself some kind of dairy-based ice cream dessert (may I recommend the humble Real Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich in chocolate chip form?) so you can immediately soothe your tongue/mouth/related food-consuming organs as effectively as possible.

Godspeed, my fellow slush fans — see you all at Sonic with very red cheeks when these roll out come July!