Sophie Stanbury & Prince Harry Really Do Know Each Other, But He'll Probably Never Appear On 'Ladies Of London'


Here's some good news and bad news for my fellow Ladies of London fans. The good news: Sophie Stanbury really does know Prince Harry. The bad news: He'll probably never show up on the Bravo series, because, well, he sure seems to have better things to do. During Tuesday's Ladies of London, Stanbury wanted to phone Prince Harry, but it wasn't exactly clear if she really had his number or if she was joking around after having quite a few drinks at a ping pong bar, where she was accompanied by her co-stars Marissa Hermer and Adela King.

During a cab ride with Hermer, Stanbury said, "We should call some hot boys. I'm gonna call Prince Harry. He's really good fun." Then she hilariously added, "Is he under 'prince' or 'Harry'?" It doesn't appear that she ever called him, but it's still pretty exciting to learn that the Bravolebrity knows Harry.

While speaking with Bravo's The Daily Dish Stanbury explained, "He's great. He's great fun." She added, "We've had a couple of weekends in the country with mutual friends. And he's just a fun-loving person." Who else wishes they could see Stanbury and Harry party together? Now that'd make for one entertaining Ladies of London episode.

Unfortunately, the latter seems more likely to never happen. First of all, he is royalty. Why would someone from the royal family appear on a Bravo reality series? Also, he definitely is way too important for a Ladies cameo. I mean, he has been busy dedicating himself to animal conservation. I highly doubt he would take a break from that to party it up with Stanbury, though I welcome it with open arms.

Even though the chances of Prince Harry showing up on Ladies of London are pretty much slim to none, maybe one of Stanbury's other royal acquaintances will. As she informed The Daily Dish, she's also hung out with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie of York, aka Prince Harry and Prince William's cousins. There are also "a few others" she's spent time with, but as Stanbury noted, "But, I mean, I don't hang out on a regular basis."

Even if none of the royalty mentioned above show up on Ladies, maybe one day fans will hear Harry on the end of one of Stanbury's phone calls. Here's hoping!