Spring Break Trip Ideas For Every Zodiac Sign

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While "hey, what's your sign?" might be one of the worst pick-up lines ever, I have found astrology to be fairly accurate in determining whether or not I will be compatible with someone. The same is true for travel. Scouting out the best spring break locations for your zodiac sign could be the difference between a spring break bash and a spring break bust.

Aligning your spring break travel plans with your star sign might sound a little hokey, but if you don't believe in astrology, you really don't have anything to lose by giving this a try. If you do believe in astrology, you have everything to gain — a getaway that aligns with your personality traits, interests, and desires.

It's no secret that different zodiac signs have different dominant traits. Taurus is known for being bull-headed, Virgo a perfectionist, Libra a peacemaker, and Gemini inconsistent. It's unlikely that a person from each of these signs will enjoy the same type of spring break getaway, in the same destination at the same pace. Consulting the stars is one way to make sure you and your travel companions all get what you want. Here are the best spring break destinations for every Zodiac sign.


Being the first sign in the zodiac, people born under Aries are independent, courageous, and natural born leaders. Aries won't be satisfied unless their trip includes plenty of opportunities for adventure, and they're probably going to want to be in charge too.

Ideal getaways for Aries include hiking down into the Grand Canyon, climbing a volcano in Hawaii, or zip lining through the jungle. If you're going on spring break with an Aries, you better be up for anything.


Those born under Taurus can be persistent, loyal, and generous. They can also be incredibly stubborn, and go a long way around the bend to make a point.

On vacation, a Taurus likes to indulge: The luxury food, drinks, and accommodations. A Taurus won't settle for anything but the best. If you're looking for luxury on a budget, consider an all-inclusive resort, or a cruise where you can eat, drink, and sun yourself until your heart's content.


Gemini (the twins) is known for it's duality. People with the sign of Gemini are energetic, witty, and adaptable. A Gemini can also be impulsive and restless. Because of these opposing traits, Gemini needs the best of both worlds.

A Gemini can adapt to almost any vacation situation, but they tend to get bored quickly. Backpacking around Europe, island hopping in the Caribbean, or a whirlwind tour of a big city like New York or Los Angeles are all ideal for a Gemini.


Someone born under the sign of Cancer is loyal, adaptable, and caring. On the flip side Cancer can be overly sensitive and moody. Cancer is also know for being a homebody.

The ultimate spring break getaway for Cancer includes family, or close friends, spending quality time together. Pick a destination, like Aspen, or Mexico, and rent a house for all of your nearest and dearest.


Leo is confident, ambitious, and encouraging. If you know a Leo, you know they can also be stubborn, vain, and dramatic. Chances are that anywhere you go with Leo is going to be anything but dull, which can be exciting and exhausting.

The best spring break options for Leo are those where the party never stops. Consider places like Miami Beach, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas where Leo can be the center of attention 24/7. And, since Leo loves posing, don't forget the selfie stick.


Virgo (the virgin) is helpful, reliable, and precise. These traits can also manifest as cold, inflexible, and fussy. If Virgo is not happy, he or she will definitely let you know constantly — you know just incase you didn't hear them the first 57 times.

Virgo is into the details, so any spring break trip with them will include a detailed itinerary, and will likely be booked a year in advance. Historical sites, bike tours, or walkable cities are all great choices for Virgo. And, the upside of traveling with Virgo is that you can let them take care of the planning while you just come along for the ride.


As a Libra myself, I can attest that we are generous, hospitable, peaceful and idealistic. On the other hand we can be flaky AF, vain, and indecisive.

Libra is happy to go with the flow, as long as the itinerary includes places that are quaint and cultured. Libra isn't a planner, so something like a yoga retreat, or group tour where someone else does the planning is ideal.

We're going to need that selfie stick for Libra too.


The Scorpio is loyal, passionate, and resourceful. If you get into a jam — like, you end up in jail in Mexico for example — Scorpio is the one who will figure out how to get you out of trouble. But, there are two sides to every coin. Scorpio also tends to be jealous, obsessive, manipulative, and suspicious — not necessarily the worst traits to have while you're traveling if you're trying to snag an upgrade or a table at the hottest restaurant in town.

Because Scorpio is so intense, a relaxing vacation where they can unplug completely is best. Scorpios don't like to rough it, so consider glamping in Quintana Roo, or the Pacific Northwest.


Sagittarius is both independent and unemotional. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are laid-back, well-adjusted people who tend to be optimistic. They also seem to have a disproportionate amount of good luck, so if you spend your spring break with them some of it might rub off on you.

The Sagittarius traveler loves to experience new destinations and immerse themselves in the local culture. An ideal trip for the Sagittarius is off the beaten path. Consider going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and take a dip in the Blue Lagoon. Some airlines offer up to a one-week layover in Iceland before continuing on to another destination in Europe.


Capricorn is patient, ambitious, loyal and resourceful. On the other hand, Capricorns can also be painfully blunt, distrusting, and unimaginative. Capricorn is always looking to maximize both business and pleasure, so he or she might be into a practical vacation where they can learn something to apply to their career, or at least use as a tax write off.

If you're a Capricorn going on spring break, consider attending a conference or taking a class.


Aquarius is witty, original, inventive, and clever. They can also be stubborn, rebellious, and aloof. Aquarius knows what he or she wants in life, and travel.

Spring break for an Aquarius is most likely going to be to a tried and true destination, perhaps the same beach as last year, or the year before. Why mess with a good thing?


Pisces are compassionate, devoted, and imaginative, but they can also be overly sensitive, lazy, and lean toward escapism.

The escapist in Pisces will desire a total break from reality for spring break. This could mean anything from a meditation retreat to a far flung destination on the other side of the world. Wherever the location, Pisces will get lost in dreamy landscapes, and exotic locales — a vacationer in the truest sense of the word.