Starbucks' New Ombré Pink Drink Is A Dream Come True

Get your Instagram ready, because the most gorgeous Starbucks drink of all time has been released, and it will have you posting heart-eye emojis everywhere. Starbucks' new Ombré Pink Drink has officially been introduced to the Starbucks iced-drink fam — and, even better, it's not just for a limited amount of time like the infamous Unicorn Frappuccino! That's right: It will stick around on Starbuck's menu all year-round. Best news ever, or what?!

This refreshing new pink drink is a combination of with Starbucks’ fruit Cool Lime Refreshers Beverage™, coconut milk, Teavana® Shaken Iced Passion Tango™ Tea, and a splash of hibiscus notes. Basically, this new Starbucks drink is Pink Drink 2.0 minus the floating strawberries, and will probably be all of your Instagram feed all summer long. But why complain about it, when it’s just so gorgeous to look at?

This new Ombré Pink Drink isn’t the first specialty drink to be released by Starbucks since they’ve kind of been going specialty-drink crazy lately. It’s actually part of a grand scheme that Starbucks has been planning for a while to release more specialty drinks. After the boom that occurred from their Unicorn Frappuccino, people have been running to Starbucks for all sorts of new specialty drinks — like the Dragon frappuccino, the Pokemon Go frappuccino, the Midnight Mocha frappuccino, and many more. Other specialty drinks have been made by some avid Starbucks baristas, including the Mermaid frappuccino — which, of course, had customers going absolutely crazy.

Courtesy of Starbucks

So if you’re looking for a seriously fun drink to enjoy while you lounge on the beach this summer, the Ombré Pink Drink is for you. It’s picture perfect for all of your selfies and Instagram story moments.

Image: Courtesy of Starbucks.