Stephen Colbert Reacts To Omarosa's Book & He's Anything But Surprised

The latest "West Wing betrayal" was featured on CBS' The Late Show on Monday night when Stephen Colbert reacted to Omarosa Manigault Newman's new book Unhinged and her claims that The Apprentice recordings she heard proves President Donald Trump is a racist. He wasn't surprised by any of it.

Colbert called Manigault Newman's book "salacious" and "filled with shocking details you already knew." He continued to say that Manigault Newman's most shocking allegation was that she heard a tape of President Trump using the N-word from his days on The Apprentice. "It confirmed that he is truly a racist," Manigault Newman said Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press.

In a tweet on Monday night, President Trump said "there are NO TAPES" from The Apprentice filming of him using the N-word and that he doesn't "have that word in [his] vocabulary." Bustle has reached out to the White House for comment. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the allegations "false attacks" on Friday in response to the book, but Manigault Newman didn't claim to have heard the recording until her NBC appearance on Sunday.

"This is huge," Colbert said in mock sincerity after playing the tape. "Finally. We didn't know. Finally, we have proof that the guy who refused to rent to black tenants, said that a Nazi-Klan rally had some 'fine people,' and called Africa a 'sh*thole' is a racist. That is... Tear up your history books. Rewrite your history books. We didn’t know!"

Also not a surprise was the betrayal in itself, Colbert argued. "Yet another close adviser to President Trump has betrayed him. The White House is basically a reboot of The Last Supper. Oops, all Judases!" Colbert joked as an infographic portrayed the president at the center of the famous painting with several extra depictions of Judas, the disciple of Jesus who betrayed him.

In addition to publishing her book, which is out Tuesday, and referencing the N-word tape, Manigault Newman released recordings of her own on NBC both Sunday and Monday. On Sunday, she shared one allegedly of White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly as he fired her.

The other, released on Today Monday, featured Trump supposedly from the day she was fired. The president claims not to have known she was fired. Bustle has also reached out to the White House about the recordings from the White House.

"Now we know for certain why Trump didn't get a dog, because he knows the dog is just going to write a tell-all called White House Broken: My Ruff Tenure as a Presidential Pet," Colbert joked.

Colbert didn't have much of anything nice to say about Manigault Newman, either, calling her an ex-adviser a "realtor giving you a business card at a funeral."

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"On Today she explained the subtle meaning behind the book's title," Colbert said, setting up the joke. (Manigault Newman told Today that the book refers to "Donald J. Trump, absolutely.")

Colbert continued to say he thought it referred to what presidential adviser Stephen Miller "does with his jaw to eat his breakfast gazelle." That was accompanied by a Photoshopped image of Miller with his jaw unhinged standing over a gazelle.

Colbert then pretended to unhinge his jaw to grow the laughs even further. The late night show getting so many laughs is not surprising, either.