Stila's Most Popular Product Is On SUPER Sale At Ulta Right Now

There are some products that get near universal acclaim from the beauty world when they launch. From Fenty Beauty's Pro Filt'r foundation to Jaclyn Hill's Morphe palette, beauty lovers give certain products near universal applause. One of them happens to be on super sale. Stila's Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow are current part of a Platinum Perk sale at Ulta Beauty, and it's made this cult favorite, sparkling shadow a must shop, but you may want to move fast.

In case you haven't seen Stila's liquid shadows, they're gorgeous glitter based shades that range from rose gold to stunning silver. The brand actually has a whopping 17 shades in their much-loved formula, and you've got your choice of them all. How, though?

Ulta Beauty is having a super sale on the Glitter & Glow Liquid shadows thanks to their Platinum Perks. What does that mean exactly, though? To shop the deal, you'll need to be at Platinum or Diamond level Ultamate Rewards member with the retailer. If you're reached that point, you're eligible for a whopping 40 percent off discount on the YouTube guru favorite. Where does that leave the cost? These glowing beauties are now under $15. You'll need to move fast, though.

How long do you have to shop the deal? You'll need to act fast. The Platinum Perk on the Stila glitter shadows only lasts for a single day. You've got until the end of today, June 4 to get one of the internet's most popular beauty products. Another reason to grab your wallet and get started shopping? Despite having 17 different color options, with a 40 percent discount, these beauties may go fast. It's time to get them while you can.

There's also some good news, though. There's no note on the Ulta website restricting how many of the liquid shadows you can purchase, so if you want to snag all 17 of the liquid shadows, you could have them all in your collection.

Why should you shop them, though? Sure, they're affordable during this sale, but if you've never bought them or used them before, what's the big deal? Well, they're a bestseller from the brand for a reason, but you don't just have the Ulta reviews to rely on (though they're great at 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 1,100 reviews). Beauty gurus all over YouTube have raved about the glitter shadows and even shown their subscribers how to use the sparkly product.

If you've heard of Stila's Magnificent Metal shadows like Hill used in this tutorial, they're now part of the Glitter & Glow line and simply feature the metallic finish. They're perfect for easy looks like Hill's that will take basically no time but have high impact.

Were the shadows hot or not for Tati Westbrook? She definitely approved of these shadows. If you're curious what each of them looks like, she swatched the metallic shades on her channel so you can get a clear view before you shop.

It's got to be pretty obvious how MannyMUA feels about the Stila shadows, right? While he is seeking a duplicate for a cheaper price point, the title of his video dubs Stila's shadow as the "world's prettiest eyeshadow."

If you want to get your hands on what MannyMUA dubbed the world's prettiest eyeshadow, head over to Ulta now. With a 40 percent discount that drops the price tag below $15, they're a total steal right now. Act fast, though. With only a few hours left on this Platinum Perk, it's definitely time for you to get shopping.