Stormi’s "Stormiworld" Lamborghini May Be The Coolest Kardashian-Jenner Car Yet

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She is only a little over a year old, but Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s child already has a sports car with her name on it— literally. Earlier this week, Barclays Center shared videos and photos of Stormi Webster’s customized Stormiworld Lamborghini parked backstage at Scott’s Astroworld: Wish You Were Here tour. The car, which was a gift to Stormi and Scott from the arena, was painted by artist Andrea “Queen Andrea” von Bujdoss. It is nothing short of a neon-drenched masterpiece.

This mini luxury vehicle really was made for Stormi, there is no doubt about it; it is not like when you end up rummaging around in your panty an hour before your cousin's birthday party because you definitely forgot to get them a gift but you do not want to show up empty-handed so you wind up throwing an unused candle, an unopened jar of honey, and a book you never got around to reading in a bag. The license plate (come on, you can’t hit the road without a proper license plate) reads “STORMIW3B,” there are little storm clouds all over, the name of Scott’s tour is painted on the back fenders, and the theme of Stormi’s first birthday party is splashed across the hood and on the scissor doors. And yes, this kiddie version of a Lamborghini really has working scissor doors, because of course it does.

Here I thought the most stunning toy car would always and forever be the Power Wheels Super Talk Barbie Beach Patrol Jeep. Well, Stormi's Day-Glo Lambo may give that glorious Jeep that came with its very own car phone a run for its money. But hey, you do no have to take my word for it. Without further ado, here is Stormi's Stormiworld Lamborghini.

And just when you are like, "Wow, this toy Lambo could not possibly get any better or dazzling or cool," you see that the paint also glows in the dark and your eyes all but gasp with delight. "I handpainted this baby #Lamborghini for #stormiwebster and #travisscott with #blacklight paint," wrote Queen Andrea on Instagram, "and it glowsss in the dark!” A neon-drenched, glow-in-the-dark masterpiece.

This is not Stormi’s only Lambo, because why would it be Stormi’s only Lambo? For her very first Christmas, Kylie and Scott’s kid received a Louis Vuitton-print Lamborghini. Because variety in toy sports cars is the spice of life, Stormi just so happens to have a miniature Ferrari, too. (Before we know it, Kylie and Scott will probably have to build an entire garage for Stormi's collection of luxury miniature vehicles.) Sometimes you want to feel the wind in your hair but are simply not in the mood to drive your toy Lambo and you'd rather take the Ferrari out for a spin, you know? It is always great to have options— just ask Kylie and Scott and their ever-growing fleet of not-mini sports cars.

And hey, if neither the toy Ferrari nor the toy Lamborghinis are cutting it, Stormi can always ask her grandma if she can borrow her Porsche.