Succulent Pumpkins Hit Etsy For Fall & You'll Want To Buy Them All


The millennial gods have heard your decorating prayers — and answered them. Few things say "millennial fall" quite as much as pumpkins and succulents. But now, the two have become one and it's even cuter than you imagined it would be. Because succulent pumpkins for decorating are now a thing and they are going to make your home cutesy and cozy in no time. Seriously. This couldn't be more on-trend unless you somehow turned it into a pumpkin-succulent candle, which I'm sure exists somewhere.

How exactly do you make a succulent pumpkin? Well, most of them are not real pumpkins. Etsy is covered with pumpkin-style planters filled with live succulents and a lot of them are very realistic. The pumpkins might be made of foam or ceramic, but then the succulents, moss, and any other greenery inside are very real. If you love the feeling of fall, but you don't want to put a ton of time into decorating, then this is an instant fix. There are small and cutesy options, along with big, impressive centerpieces. But they all have that fall feeling combined with the ever-popular succulent. What more could you want?

To be honest, you could probably make some of these yourself at home, either with real or fake pumpkins — but, obviously, the real ones wouldn't last as long. In fact, if you really wanted to get your hands dirty, then you could make some kind of succulent jack-o-lantern and get into the Halloween spirit. But that involves covering yourself in pumpkin guts and trying to cut out perfect triangles for eyes — and crafts have never been my strong suit. I think I'll stick with one of these instead.

If you're feeling ready to get your home into the fall spirit, there are so many different ways to do it — from the traditional to the slightly more twisted.

The Anthropologie fall homeware line has so much on offer — mugs, tea towels, candles, and more, all featuring that amazing, cozy feel the brand is so good at. Or, if you want something a little more cutesy, the Disney Halloween home decor options that just dropped are almost too much, from a Jack Skellington Halloween bodysuit for babies to a candy dish featuring a pumpkin with Mickey ears. You can make your home truly whimsical in no time.

But my personal favorite home decor item for fall has to be the zombie flamingo lawn ornament options on the market right now. There are so many weird and dark flamingos to choose from — skeletons, zombies, even gnomes that have gone wrong and started to feast on the flamingos — so you can turn your front lawn into a true horror show. What a time to be alive.

Whether you get totally amped up for the fall season or you're just a lazy decorator, there's a lot of different ways to get ready for autumn and Halloween. You can decorate every inch of your house with all things spooky and scary or you can go for a more subtle approach. Either way, the pumpkin succulent combo definitely speaks to the millennial palate — and Etsy is stocked full of goodies.