Coffee Gummy Bears Just Hit Sugarfina & They Legit Have The Same Caffeine As Espresso

Like any hot-blooded American, I run mostly on sugar and caffeine. In fact, I don't know what else a person could possibly need. But if sugary coffee drinks filled with syrups and topped with whipped cream aren't your thing, there's a whole new way to get your sugar and coffee combo — caffeinated gummy bears. Luxury candy boutique Sugarfina and popular coffee shop Alfred have come together to give you the zippiest, buzziest treat you can imagine. Coffee gummy bears might just transform the way you get your coffee buzz.

In true gummy form, there are multiple flavors to choose from. You can get your coffee gummies in Cold Brew, Bourbon Cold Brew, and Iced Vanilla Latte options — so no matter what how black you like your coffee, there's a gummy bear equivalent. Made using real coffee, each serving of bears has 60mg caffeine — or roughly the amount in one shot of espresso. (Oh, and the Iced Vanilla Latte option includes almond milk because of course it does.)

“We’re so excited to partner with our L.A. neighbor Alfred Coffee to create the world’s first-ever coffee-infused gummy bears,” Rosie O’Neill, Sugarfina co-founder and co-CEO, said in a press release. “With this collaboration, we’re combining two of our favorite pick-me-ups — candy and caffeine — in a delicious and adorable gummy bear collection.”

If you love the idea of getting your hit of coffee in a gummy bear form, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Each flavor is available in a 3.5-ounce mini-cup that retails for $7 — and comes with a bear-patterned coffee sleeve. If you want to go bigger, you can jump all in with a 12-ounce bag of each flavor, available for $14. But the most sugary, coffee-addicted among us might want to consider the reusable tumbler that they have on offer, stuffed with gummy goodness. They're selling a "But First, Coffee" Tumbler can be used again and again — and don't worry, you still get your gummy hit. Each tumbler is filled with 9.5-ounce of Cold Brew Bears and Iced Vanilla Latte Bears, retailing at $25.

You can get the bears at select retail stores nationwide — but if you don't have a location near you, there's no need to panic. You can order them online from the Sugarfina and Alfred websites. Or, of course, you can just buy a bunch of gummy bears, drown them in coffee overnight, and hope for the best — but I don't think that it will have quite the same effect.

Sugarfina is no stranger to interesting and innovative flavor combinations. They teamed up with Pressed Juicery to make "Green Juice" candy, which is either the best idea or worst idea ever, depending on where you stand on green juice. There has also been an incredibly adorable line of Sugarfina Disney candy and, perhaps my favorite, a Sugarfina "Candy For Breakfast" line which basically made all of my childhood dreams a reality. Done well, candy can be a creative endeavor indeed.

To be honest, combining all of the sweetness of gummy bears with caffeine seems like a combination almost too powerful for a mortal like me to handle — but I'm willing to take that risk. Whether you want to replace your afternoon espresso with something sweeter or just love any excuse to start your morning with a handful of candy, this could be the way forward. Please gummy responsibly.