Svedka’s Orange Cream Pop Flavor Is Basically A Creamiscle In Vodka Form

Total Wine

What does summer taste like? It probably tastes a little different to everyone. You might think it tastes like cotton candy or sunscreen and chlorine or the bitter regret of tipsy texting your ex — or maybe, just maybe, it tastes like an icy treat from your childhood. Today is your lucky day, because now there's creamsicle flavored vodka ready to make your summer taste a whole lot sweeter, no matter how you like to celebrate it. Also, let's just note that nothing from your childhood can remain good and wholesome and pure — it has to have booze in it. That being said, Svedka Orange Cream Pop vodka looks completely delicious and perfect for this time of year.

If you want to get some truly delicious summer vibes on, then this is a way to relive your youth but also, you know, get buzzed. "Svedka has crafted a unique and indulgent blend of zesty orange notes and deliciously creamy vanilla aromas that are reminiscent of the orange dreamscicle," the description explains. "A vibrant vodka with a refreshing finish that is perfect as a frozen slushy or on the rocks. Enjoy!" A SLUSHY. It had never occurred to me to make a boozy slushy with this, but they are obviously smarter people than I could ever hope to be.

How do you get your hands on this vodka/slushy ingredient? You can order this tasty treat online from Total Wine for just $9.99 — that's right, under 10 bucks for a 750 ml bottle of this vodka-dessert combo. You can have it with a mixer or use it as party of an orangey, vanilla-y cocktail of deliciousness — because all the best drinks are basically just boozy candy. Just make sure to pace yourself — because those sweet cocktails can go down smooth.

If you're a fan of a dreamsicle/creamsicle flavor, then you'll be happy to know that it's BIG right now. You can get a Dairy Queen Dreamiscle Drip cone which looks epic — a coating of goodness on their classic soft-serve ice cream. Even the new Orange Vanilla Coke is getting in on the action, with a definite creamiscle twist. It's a classic flavor combination for a reason, people.

Of course, it may be that you're less into the creamsicle vibe and more into vodka — that's OK, too. There are plenty of different vodka flavor options out there, many of which seem to be imagined specifically for summer. Smirnoff's Vodka Infusions are definitely ready for you to drink poolside, with Watermelon and Mint, Cucumber and Lime, and Strawberry and Rose options. Or you can go to the other extreme and check out the SKYY Infusions Cold Brew Coffee Vodka. That's right, on the one hand you have light and refreshing summer vibes, on the other you have boozy, coffee-infused rocket fuel. The choice is yours — and there is no wrong choice.

Whether you call it creamsicle, dreamsicle, or just plain delicious, there's no denying that this orange and vanilla combination works for almost everything — including vodka. If you're looking for a sweet summer treat in a glass, with a boozy twist, then look no further.