See Swatches Of Becca's Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses

Move over, cheek shine, because it's officially the year of the gloss. Everyone from Too Faced to Huda Beauty have their versions of the shiny lip look, but swatches of Becca's Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses prove that they're unlike any others sitting in your makeup bag. The wet-looking, super shimmery lippie combines all of the best trends into one little tube, and I've got all the details, so you won't miss a thing.

If there's one thing that Becca knows how to do, it's bring the shine. They've recently launched a whole collection of Light Chaser Highlighters and announced a Collectors Edition of Champagne Pop, but this time they're moving on to the lips. According to their surprise Instagram announcement, the Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses are made with light reflecting pearls that leave a multi-dimensional look. Basically, it's your typical glossy lip on steroids.

With just one look at the swatches, you'll know exactly why these are special. Although the six colored Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses look glittery in the tube, they come off looking more wet than anything else. Think of the product as a highlighter for your lips, because that the level of glow you'll be getting.

The look is completely different than any gloss that I've ever seen before. They're sheer like a typical gloss, but way more illuminating. Becca wasn't lying when they said it was kaleidoscopic glow. Add to that how gorgeous they look on a variety of skin types, and you have one gloss that is too stunning to pass up.

There's no exact release date just yet, but the Instagram post did say that it will arrive the week of June 4. Their Collectors Edition Champagne Pop will be available on June 10, so theres a good chance that the product will hit the site around that time as well. You should probably just start saving now.

You'll have six different color options to choose from on launch day, whenever that may be. The shades — Pearl X Gold, Rose Quartz X Seashell, Champagne Dream X Belini, Opal X Jade, Amethyst X Geode and Topaz X Gilt — range from bright pearl and orange to pops of pink and gold. With a glow this good, you'll want to stock up on every single one!