These ColourPop x Amanda Steele Lip Swatches Slay

"I have too many lipsticks," said no one... ever! This is especially true for fans of a brand like ColourPop, since the indie, L.A.-based brand is known for trendy, quality, and crazy affordable lippies. The ColourPop x Amanda Steele Weekend Warrior collab features three lip colors in different but pair-worthy shades and three different textures and formulas. There's Chaps, an Ultra Matte in deep aubergine. There's also Hack, an Ultra Glossy in sheer pink with specks of glitter. Lastly, you get Jiffy, an Ultra Satin in dusty mauve. The best thing about these lippies is that they are high impact and can be worn in any season. While Chaps is super rich and plummy, you can still wear it with a bare face in the summer; your mega matte mouth will be all the glam you need and the rest of your face and skin can breathe.

You can also wear these shades solo or together. You can paint your pout with Chaps and then add a slick of Hack to give it a little glow and moisture. Or you can swipe your pucker with Jiffy and coat it with a few layers of Hack for extra dimension. Or you can just wear them as is. Don't you love options?

Observe the swatches on three unique skintones.

These swatches show the insane versatility of these colors and formulas.

Jiffy Ultra Satin Lip, $6,

At just $6 a piece, you can grab all three liquid lippies in this collection for less than $20.

Chaps Ultra Matte Lip, $6,

Chaps will allow you to channel your inner vamp.

Hack Ultra Glossy Lip, $6,

This is the most transformative of the bunch, since it can be applied on its own or it can top the sister lippies in this collection.

Images: ColourPop/Instagram (1); Courtesy of ColourPop (3)