These Swatches Of Kat Von D's New Glimmer Veil Lippies Are Metallic, Glittery & Gorgeous

It's time to sparkle. Kat Von D created her Everlasting Glimmer Veil Liquid Lipsticks basically because she wanted to offer customers a metallic option and to "make your lips look like a giant Christmas present." She also wanted something that was truly long-wear and that didn't crumble.

Well, judging from the Glimmer Veil swatches and how KVD suggested you wear them — one coat for a metallic finish, two coats for an opaque glimmer x glitter, or as a topcoat to an existing shade — the Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil lippies are going to make you forget the matte trend... for at least a minute.

Swatches of the nine-shade collection demonstrate how pigmented and fun these babies are.

The Glimmer Veils are essentially Kat Von D's bold and beautiful take on the top coat trend, which is basically adding a layer of glitter or shine to an existing lip color or a bare lip. The GVs are also transformative... like highlighter for your pout.

You can totally pair an Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, which most Kat Von D-evotees pledge their allegiance to when it comes to adventurous mega mattes, with a Glimmer Veil, adding a metallic, multi-dimensional edge to your lip look whenever the mood suits you.

The tube packaging is all-black, which obviously fits the brand's goth x rock aesthetic.

The colors are so POW! You can keep watching and rewatching this Insta video...

... or you can watch the full reveal of the collection on the KVD Beauty YouTube. It's about seven minutes in length but it will hold your attention the entire time.

Check dat sparkle. You can punch up your lips and take them from matte to metallic in a swipe. It's good to have options.

Here's another look at the arm swatches. The Glimmer Veils are playful AF.

KVD also showed us how the wand has a curved applicator so that product disperses evenly.

That shimmer is truly epic, which you can see from this up close and personal vantage point.

As is always the case with KVD, you have so many color choices and you can customize the GVs with any other lippie in your arsenal. Now, go forth and gleam.